Manager, Beirut


Master’s degree in Public Administration at the Ecole Nationale D’administration in France

Q: How and why did you join Strategy&?

A: After pursuing a master’s degree in public administration at Ecole Nationale D’Administration in France, I was interested in moving back to the Middle East region. I spent time at the firm as an intern and knew it would be a great fit. I formally joined Strategy& in 2013 in the Beirut office. Business consulting for the public sector represented the perfect mix for me to evolve in a fast-paced and challenging environment while working on high-impact projects.  

Q: What are some of your personal interests outside Strategy&?

A: Away from work, I like all types of outdoor activities, in particular water sports, snowboarding, and hiking. Like many of my colleagues, I love to travel and I am particularly drawn to Latin America. My objective is to visit all of the continent’s countries one by one. 


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