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Digital transformation strategy consulting services

Reimagining what’s possible, with an unwavering commitment to getting it right

The right digital strategy, the right differentiator

In today’s business world, digital disruption can transform an industry overnight. The “essential eight” technologies (augmented reality, drones, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, robots, blockchain, and artificial intelligence) are driving rapid cross-functional innovation and leading to smarter organizations. At the same time, customers are expecting more and more personalized interactions with technology.

As competitive and consumer demands continue to evolve, digitization offers real opportunities for faster growth and greater productivity. But to be successful, companies must make digital investments wisely, be clear about their goals, and carefully manage change among employees. At Strategy&, we set clear outcomes and specific performance metrics to help you build the right digital strategies, to drive results that redefine the future. We provide strategic advice from the design phase onward, to help digital rollouts stay on or get ahead of plan and budget.

“Last Wednesday's session at the Experience Center was so much fun it almost shouldn’t be called work. We achieved so much that the eight weeks flew by...”

Senior client stakeholder after completing our workshop
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Smart Mobility

When humanity and technology hit the road

Visit our Smart Mobility Hub - an essential resource for the latest perspectives that define our collective mobility challenges and help find the smartest solutions. 

From cities and urban infrastructure, to automation and impending regulatory hurdles, we’re ensuring the next stop is a new beginning for all.

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How we help clients

Digital strategy

With so many digital possibilities, it’s critical to invest in the right ones. At Strategy&, we help clients establish a clear, actionable, and quantified perspective on which capabilities they should prioritize to enhance customer intimacy, build innovative products and services, and digitize their processes for greater effectiveness. We create road maps that detail the business requirements to realise value from these new digital opportunities.

Digital innovation

Based on a deep understanding of our client’s current positioning, its customers’ changing needs, and the broad competitive landscape, we help determine the right innovation strategy to navigate an evolving ecosystem. Together with our global experience centers, we bring the skills, technology, and scale necessary to think and deliver big for your business.

Digital operations

Significant improvements in technologies, with advanced data management and analytics, means that developing strengths in digital capabilities is becoming more important than ever before. We help our clients improve their capabilities, establishing an end-to-end operations perspective and linking the customer to the supply side of their business.

Digital marketing

As consumer behaviors change amid multichannel touchpoints, we help our clients identify and develop the right marketing capabilities to differentiate their business. Using advanced data analytics and machine learning, our clients can maintain the edge in customer conversations and avert threats from new competitors.

Digital workplace

Across all industries, we advise our clients on how to engage and empower their employees by building a more agile culture that puts customers first, focusing on differentiating capabilities to improve a company’s enabling infrastructure and add real value. We bring clear strategic recommendations for change in processes and digital tools to increase productivity while reducing costs.


Developing digital strategy for the French and German utility market

Confronted by increasing competition from lower-cost alternatives, our client wanted to grow its rugged device business in the French and German utility market. Strategy& developed a comprehensive top-down and bottom-up perspective, using job shadowing to help understand the pain points of utility workers. Working with our Experience Centre, we helped the client prioritise more than 70 ideas (in terms of attractiveness and right-to-win) to outline the future impact on customers and users and presented a detailed analysis of four “ways to play.” We enabled the client to move forward with its corporate objectives by focusing on the top initiatives of high market value and priority to its customers and users.

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Improving digital operations and marketing for an airline

When an airline wanted to simplify its booking and information system for B2B customers and travel agencies, it engaged Strategy& to define objectives. We then worked across the PwC network to implement our roadmap through an agile process, integrating Salesforce and Microsoft Cloud solutions. As a result, customers had a new online portal with self-service tools at their fingertips in less than six months. With new capabilities and targeted marketing, efficiency improved and revenue grew. Managers spent significantly less time on administrative work, and customers who used to wait a few days for metrics can now access real-time reports instantly.

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Explore how the Oil & Gas Industry unleashes opportunities by making use of the right digital technologies.

Digitising the Oil & Gas Industry

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Take a look at PwC Digital Services. Helping create true business transformation with the power of perspective.

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