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As emerging technologies and changing demographics continue to transform the consumer landscape, it’s time to think big about how your consumers interact with your brand. Online retail is continuing to skyrocket, and small authentic brands have increasing power over traditional companies. How will you place your bets and deliver value?

At Strategy&, we believe a consumer-centric approach is critical to building effective strategy that works in the real-world for years to come. We work with clients around the world on automation and supply chain optimisation, performance improvement programmes, revenue management, deals, product and service innovation and more. In every engagement, we bring an unwavering commitment to get it right, a deep understanding of industry dynamics, extensive experience along the entire value chain, and broad functional capabilities. This is strategy, made real.

Only 40% of CPG companies translate past learnings into future actions.

Where do you fall?

The Performance Analyzer solution transforms CPG companies’ revenue management capabilities with one, unified analytics platform, so you can set the proper course toward increased revenue, ROI and efficiency.

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How we help clients

Capabilities-Driven Strategy + Growth

Our pioneering approach, built on distinctive capabilities, enables companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage. We help leadership teams at retailers and CPG companies around the world to reassess and reinvent their business strategies for long-term viability.

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Fit for growth

Are you struggling to expand revenue and profitability amid fragmenting consumer demand, shifting channels, and evolving technologies? Our Fit for Growth* approach is a proven model for unlocking performance that helps companies manage their cost in a more strategic way, allowing them to cut costs and grow stronger at the same time.

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Digital strategy

Today’s ongoing digital transformation means much more than taking advantage of the latest technology, social media platform, mobile app. We have the skills, technology, and scale to think and deliver big across your organisation—in digital innovation and product development, digital supply chain operations, digital marketing and sales, and workplace infrastructure.

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Operations strategy

We help clients develop the capabilities to improve efficiency and effectively serve omni-channel demand. We also enable rapid innovation and design-to-value product development, while managing differentiated product flows across lean supply networks.

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Deals strategy

We help clients transform their business through deals that realise strategic goals, capture value, and deliver growth. We work with companies to overcome the challenges created by industry disruptions and to take advantage of new opportunities including ecommerce, digitisation, and consolidations.

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Trade Promotions Excellence

At Strategy&, we bring deep experience in promotion design and analysis, retailer and vendor insight, and analytic tools to help companies seize the initiative in the promotions cycle. Our approach builds a true organisational capability in superior promotions management, driving measurable revenue and margin improvement.

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Smart Mobility

When humanity and technology hit the road

Visit our Smart Mobility Hub - an essential resource for the latest perspectives that define our collective mobility challenges and help find the smartest solutions. 

From cities and urban infrastructure, to automation and impending regulatory hurdles, we’re ensuring the next stop is a new beginning for all.

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Redesigning the product portfolio, delivering profitable growth

A consumer products client was integrating acquired product lines that added substantial complexity with significant overlap across price points and features. Strategy& helped to redesign the product portfolio and establish standard product platforms with differentiation to meet distinct value criteria. The product platforms enabled consolidated operations and efficiency improvements that reduced the cost of goods sold by almost 20%, while delivering sales growth two points above the category average.

Improving margins for a U.S. retailer

At a large U.S. retail chain, sales were declining and a growing assortment was eroding margins due to supply chain complexity and markdowns. Strategy& developed tailored product streams to differentiate product flows and policies across core, seasonal, and fast-fashion segments. As a result, the retailer stabilised same store sales while improving the gross margin and operating margin by six points.

Driving growth strategy with differentiated capabilities

A large company began to see declining performance from some of its most profitable brands. Strategy& was engaged to develop a growth strategy based on a differentiated capability system, considering the largest opportunities across multiple businesses. We focused on how the client could add value to consumers, the critical few capabilities they had today and those capabilities that they must invest in to gain a right to win. This combined market-back and capability-forward approach enabled the company to develop a clear strategy focused on its greatest strengths and how its distinct capabilities could work together to provide a competitive advantage. The new strategy provided clear growth guardrails to prioritise investments and focus the organisation. As a result of our work, the company saw solid growth with increased operating profit and net sales.

Leading retailer redefines omni-channel economics

A large online and offline retailer was struggling to compete with pure play online retailers on cost and service levels. In order to lower costs and get products to the shopper’s door more quickly, Strategy& helped the client invest in a ship-from-store capability, not just as a “surge capacity,” but as the primary means of e-commerce fulfillment. Strategy& worked with the client to develop best-in-class operations for in-store picking and packing, including time standards, lean six-sigma-process improvements, and packing area layouts. As a result, the client was able to significantly reduce fulfillment costs and improve service levels, making its offerings much more competitive and maintaining the viability of the store base.

Digital acquisition accelerates omni-channel strategy for U.S. retailer

A leading U.S. retailer needed support with the due diligence, pre-close planning, and post-close execution of an online, pure play e-retailer to accelerate its position in omni-channel retailing. Strategy& evaluated complex demand drivers—such as the impact of creating tax nexus for the online player, multiple revenue synergy plays, and supply chain and back office integration opportunities. As a result, the successful execution of the acquisition enabled the client to maintain a multi-website model, with a pure-play extended assortment and shop your local store formats, before ultimately bringing the entire digital model together into one of the strongest offerings in its category.

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