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Does your strategy give you a right to win?

Executives are struggling with developing and executing strategy. At PwC’s Strategy&, our pioneering approach, built on distinctive capabilities, enables companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage.

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In these rapidly-changing times, and with constant pressure to compete, it’s easy for business leaders to overlook a basic principle: Build from your strengths. When you understand what you’re great at, and design your capabilities and strategy accordingly, you can define how you want to compete, and shape your own future. See how an unconventional speed-skating champion has an important lesson for business leaders.

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Success stories: Winning through distinctive capabilities

Examples from Strategy That Works published by Harvard Business Review Press

Why Capabilities-Driven Strategy Works

why cds works

How we can help you

The most powerful growth engines are made up of a handful of capabilities providing real differentiation in the market.

We can help you achieve sustainable success by growing in a way that fits your capabilities system and value proposition.

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True advantage comes from having a steady stream of offerings that only distinctive capabilities can deliver.

We can help you manage your portfolio and M&A strategy in a way that allows you to achieve sustainable advantage.

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A company with a strong alignment between its strategy and its operating model is like an engine firing on all cylinders.

We can help you develop an operating model that brings your strategy to life.

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The main purpose of a functional strategy is to enable the company’s strategy — not to achieve functional excellence.

We can help your functional leaders and units take on a more strategic role by enabling the company’s differentiating capabilities while still fulfilling their day-to-day transactional and expertise tasks.

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The engine of value creation is a system of capabilities that together allow a company to compete in a differentiated way.

We can help you identify your unique areas of strengths, and build and manage the capabilities that are required to win with your strategy.

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