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At Strategy&, we believe in equal opportunity. We strive to create an environment where all staff members are empowered to contribute effectively and enabled to fulfill their potential.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion is a critical part of the vision, values, and strategy of the firm. Women enable us to succeed in the marketplace while providing rich and creative perspectives. We have a dedicated inclusion and diversity team that encourages and supports our female colleagues’ professional and personal development, lifelong learning, individuality, and choices.

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“The Middle East has long been a male-dominated economy, but that reality is changing. We see women more empowered in both the private and public sectors. That change is being embraced by the consulting industry and we are committed as a firm to create favorable ecosystems in which women can develop and lead.”

George Sarraf, Partner and Managing Director

The program

The Inclusion and Diversity team aims to attract, advance, and retain female staff. It is involved in recruiting and onboarding efforts, providing coaching and tailor-made trainings to women, ensuring that women are staffed on the right projects for their growth, and closely following up on their career development.

By staying abreast of, and talking honestly about, the issues and priorities impacting women, the team is championing internal policy changes. The Strategy& Women program creates a sense of community which empowers our female leaders, and brings them together to share their experiences, learn from each other, and grow together.


“We are a people business. All our people matter to us — irrespective of gender, national origin, culture, ethnicity, religion, educational background, and ability. We will continue to put our people’s needs first and to embed inclusion and diversity at the heart of everything we do.”

Diana Dib, Partner

Meet some of our women

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Strategy& in the Middle East is the collegial environment that the company fosters.....

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“Being a working mom is far from easy. You have to learn how to set your own boundaries, get your support system in place, and work on your mind-set. The firm is committed to supporting us working mothers. We are the role models — we need to lead the changes in the space, to not only benefit us, but also all future working moms at the firm.”

Nay Abiramia, Principal

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Paolo Pigorini

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Diana Dib

Partner, Strategy& Middle East

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