Associate, Dubai
Priyani - Associate

Q: What did you do before Strategy&?

A: I joined Strategy& immediately after graduating from the University of Chicago, where I had received a bachelor’s degree in public policy.

I was born in New York City and had spent my entire life in the United States until interning at Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Court during college. This sparked my interest in living and working in the Middle East.

Q: What do you love most about working at Strategy& in the Middle East?

A: What I love most about working at Strategy& in the Middle East is the collegial environment that the company fosters. From new-joiner associates to senior partners, people I continue to meet at the firm are approachable and open-minded. Additionally, being in Dubai allows me a unique opportunity to work with consultants from diverse international backgrounds.

My colleagues, especially those with whom I joined the firm, have come to be some of my closest friends. My teammates are people I can always count on to make me laugh. My mentors are women who guide me in both my professional and personal lives (one of them even brought me to Egypt to spend the weekend in her hometown).

Q: What keeps you driven at Strategy&?

A: A major part of what attracted me to and keeps me driven at Strategy& is knowing the impact and scale of our delivery. For instance, I never would have imagined that within my first year out of college I would be working with a team to establish a new national ministry in the GCC.

Furthermore, I am inspired by the prospect of creating meaningful change and shaping key policies. From establishing a child protection system in Abu Dhabi to devising a fundraising campaign for mental health support in Beirut, many of the engagements I have worked on have exceeded my expectations for what could be developed in the region.

Q: What is your word of advice to women looking to join Strategy& in the Middle East?

A: Trust yourself and speak up when you have an opinion! People will respect you for doing so.

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