A unique heritage of practical strategy

Strategy& has a proud history in consulting, built on a 100-year legacy.

Our rich professional culture is built on more than a century’s experience. This depth of knowledge and understanding offers many benefits to both our clients and our colleagues. Strategy& is enriched by a unique heritage – the combination of our many proud legacies.

Booz & Company established the consulting profession in Chicago back in 1914 – and was the first firm to use the term “management consultant.” For almost a century, the firm helped clients all over the world navigate changing landscapes, develop their differentiation, and win in their market.

Strategy& has a proud history in consulting, built on a 100-year legacy.

Throughout the years, our many achievements included helping establish the contract system for Hollywood movies in the 50s, rescuing Chrysler from bankruptcy in the 70s, inventing the concept of “supply chain management” in the 80s and, more recently, supporting the transformation of McGraw-Hill into S&P Global.

This heritage is part of our DNA. Every day, we benefit from and build upon our legacy of practical strategy. Colleagues who join Strategy& benefit immeasurably from a culture focused on professional development and global collaboration. Clients benefit from our many decades’ experience identifying and building winning capabilities, and our unwavering commitment to get the right answer.

Today, Strategy& is PwC’s global strategy consulting business, and the only at-scale strategy business inside a professional services network.

Proud of our past, and focused on the future, we are uniquely positioned to think big and deliver big for our clients.

Strategy& in the Middle East

The firm’s history in the Middle East is powerful. Since the 1993 launch of its operations in the region with a five-person office, the firm has established an impressive record. Today, more than 400 employees serve clients across the entire Middle East region from six regional offices, inspired by the opportunities and economic growth fueled by the liberalization and restructuring of many industries in the area. We have grown new business steadily while retaining our established clients.

Strategy&, with its commitment to top-quality service and investment in talented staff, has earned its reputation as the management consulting firm of choice for companies and governments in the Middle East region.

The make-up of our client base continues to evolve as the firm’s presence expands. We serve clients across the region in countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

We are enthusiastic about the ongoing growth of the regional economies and the opportunities created by the need to improve corporate and national governance. We feel deeply rewarded by the positive impact our work has had on the lives of people across the Middle East. We are also confident that these factors, combined with our number one position in the region, our inherent commitment to quality service, and the dedication of our staff, will ensure the continuing success of Strategy&’s Middle East business.

To learn more about the Middle East offices, please visit the contact page.

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