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Moving beyond the transactional: Innovation meets personalization in the new experience economy

Customers have moved beyond the transactional , often valuing the purchase experience more than the product itself. The pressure is on for businesses to deliver more personalized offerings, engaging products and services, and a seamless customer journey experience. So how can businesses innovate, adapt, and thrive in this new experience economy?

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Society 5.0

Society 5.0 has people at its heart and ensures citizens’ holistic well-being. The concept was born in Japan to envision a super smart society that leverages technological innovations to solve socioeconomic challenges. It creates interconnected and personalized experiences across the physical and virtual worlds to benefit everyone.

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Making healthcare systems resilient: An action plan for the next decade

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the fact that healthcare systems around the world were poorly prepared to meet the demands of their populations. Governments, regulators, and healthcare providers must work together to make systems more robust over the next decade. In particular, they must assess their exposure to natural and human-caused hazards; reduce their key vulnerabilities; and build their prevention, surveillance, emergency response, and recovery capacities.

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Energizing the digital economy in the Gulf countries: From digital adopters to digital disruptors

Economic expansion and resilience are increasingly dependent on digital maturity. As the digital economy rewrites economic growth stories, GCC countries have an opening to leap forward as disruptors.

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