We help maritime clients expand their reach throughout the commercial and leisure sectors.

Accelerating growth with pragmatic strategies

Economic growth and the emergence of new hubs—combined with shifts in geopolitics, trade patterns, propulsion technologies and environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements—present both challenges and opportunities throughout the maritime industry. To capture the market, Middle East maritime players need innovative strategies.

In this fast-evolving environment, improved port operations and digital tools increase efficiency and capture additional market share. Wise investments, economic diversification and smart development of marine infrastructure and business offer socioeconomic and commercial benefits. And new coastline development of leisure marinas, cruise terminals and activity hubs strengthen tourism.


Why Strategy&

Maritime projects are complex and multilayered. Strategy& helps clients navigate these waters by combining in-depth knowledge of maritime ecosystems with a pragmatic, analytical approach. We provide valuable expertise in policymaking, regulatory framework design, sector and corporate strategies, investment planning and transformation and restructuring plans.

Maritime leaders rely on us for help with growth plans, infrastructure investment portfolios, operational excellence programs, organization design and technology innovation strategy. From regional projects to global initiatives, our hands-on team works closely with PwC’s Maritime Competence Center in Hamburg, Germany, to chart maritime sector success through smart, integrated solutions.


How we can help

Regulation and policymaking

We help governments define regulatory and institutional frameworks and develop regulatory strategies in the maritime industry.

Sector and corporate strategy

We develop sector strategies to help governments, corporates and sovereign wealth funds. We offer deep experience in port, shipyard and water transport, leisure marina masterplans and cruise operations.

Transformation and restructuring programs

We assist shipyards, shipping operators and port operators as they design and implement large transformation programs. We help with portfolio optimization, productivity improvements and competitive pricing. We also support corporates in the management of complex, long-term programs.

Infrastructure development

We help governments, local authorities, investment funds and operators create maritime infrastructure development plans for logistics and passenger activities. By helping clients define ports’ optimal location and configuration, we enhance strategic focus and value. We also estimate investment requirements and deployment plans while assisting ports in the procurement process.

Operational excellence and organizational design

We help maritime players design and implement operational excellence programs and build their core capabilities. Our experience helps clients optimize supply chains for greater efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

Digital and technology strategy

Maritime players need to identify and implement innovative technologies. We help them deploy the latest tools, including 4IR, autonomous vehicles and digital marketplaces. Together, we work to increase efficiency and free up capacity to capture additional business.

Building the maritime sector: Stories from our clients

Corporate strategy for a maritime regulator

A leading MENA government kicked off a major maritime authority restructuring project. Strategy& defined the institutional setup, regulatory regime and transformational plan, including key strategic initiatives and implementation KPIs. Strategy& also supported recruitment, successfully staffing the managing director of the authority and experts for all regulatory functions.

Growth plan for a major shipbuilder

Our client faced a limited client base and low-tech capabilities, requiring the outsourcing of most value-add activities. This limited its ability to control of projects, increased reliance on third-party design partners and caused long project delays. After conducting a market and capability assessment, Strategy& developed a new operating model to keep high-value activities in house while outsourcing blue-collar intensive activities. Strategic and financial plans aimed to capture new targeted markets.

Review of all port concessions

A country with numerous large ports required in-depth review and amendments of all port concessions, as well as preparation for tender for several new port projects. The client lacked a common framework and faced numerous flawed conditions, including large exclusivity rights, lack of investments, limited compensation to governments, unclear clauses and low productivity in several ports managed by public authority.

Strategy and operating model for a large port and free zone

The Government of a GCC country wanted to corporatize its port sector, assess the ports and shipping market and develop a mega port surrounded by a major industrial and logistics zone. Strategy& developed a comprehensive business plan for the port and zone. We defined strategic positioning of both to estimate business and infrastructure needs. We also developed organizational, financial, business and marketing plans. Strategy& also drafted an integrated road map with supporting tools to promote implementation. The port and logistics zone were fully developed, and we continue to serve this client.

Leisure marinas masterplan for a major MENA country

A long, underdeveloped coastline in a MENA country required a masterplan to develop a network of leisure marinas and mixed real estate. Strategy& conducted an extensive baseline along 3,200km of the country’s coastline. We identified potential locations for leisure marinas and defined service offerings and governance and operating models for each marina. Strategy& delivered a comprehensive masterplan, which included funding requirements, concession model and socioeconomic benefits. The plan was approved by the Ministry of Transport and partially implemented due to sociopolitical issues.

Business plan for a GCC maritime academy

A major port operator group wanted to develop a maritime academy to support the skills of the regional workforce. Strategy& assessed the educational offering, the potential addressable market and the business and delivery model. We also defined financial and implementation plans, along with the process to obtain certification by the Ministry of Education.

Corporate strategy for a national shipping operator

A major MENA company wanted to re-evaluate strategy and business models for shipping, including crude oil and chemicals. The client also wanted to evaluate new opportunities and ways to improve performance. Strategy& recommended a more commercially focused crude shipping business. We advised a portfolio readjustment of the chemical shipping assets to focus on the most promising asset classes. Also, we recommended the client divest its liner business as part of a major reorganization of initiatives.

The strategy was fully accepted and implemented. The company sold a fleet of non-core chemical tankers at the top-of-the-market cycle, as advised. We achieved a successful business re-organization within the recommended timeframe.


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