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In an increasingly digital and fast-paced business environment, the role of the CFO is rapidly evolving. Beyond traditional finance functions, CFOs are now expected to drive strategic growth and make data-driven decisions.

Our unique blend of strategic advisory and cutting-edge digital solutions is specifically designed to meet this challenge. We partner with CFOs to navigate through the complexity they face, equipping them with the tools, insights, and guidance they need to transform their finance function, foster innovation, and drive sustainable growth.

With our services, CFOs can confidently embrace their expanding role as strategic leaders, driving their organizations forward in the digital age.


Why Strategy&

We bring together the strong capabilities of Strategy& in strategic finance, PwC’s solid expertise in operational finance, and our tech partners’ cutting-edge financial solutions. Our teams come together with diverse experience in finance, artificial intelligence and machine learning, efficiency improvements from advertising to operations including overhead and corporate, strategy, transformations, and more. Together with our partners, we offer a portfolio of proven solutions that cover all finance domains such as connected planning and driver-based budgeting, smart reporting and efficiency steering, and AI-powered analysis and business intelligence.


How we can help

We advise CFOs on achieving superior margins and returns through our proprietary ROCE (Return On Capital Employed) tree benchmarking.

Smart CapEx

We help large organizations leverage their data analytics to optimize Capex spend and maximize their return on investment.

Driver-based budgeting

We help firms develop and implement a budgeting approach that aligns with operational drivers to maximize financial performance.

Finance business insights

We enable finance functions to centralize financial and operational data and analyse it to generate business insights.

Connected planning

We empower large organizations by centralizing and connecting all types of planning that feed into financials. For example, we help companies develop their strategic and financial plans on one integrated digital platform enabling real-time simulation and plan interconnections.

Client stories

Maximizing margins and returns for a major ICT group

Faced with diminishing revenues and profit margins, an information and communications technology (ICT) group was under pressure to invest in technology upgrades to sustain its market position. The company sought a strategy that could simultaneously enhance revenues and margins.

Our bespoke solution? A Return Maximization Program, powered by our proprietary ROCE (Return On Capital Employed) tree benchmarking, and a designed tri-pillar approach: streamlining support functions, executing intelligent infrastructure investments and operations, and forging a digital market-facing front.

Through a collaborative process, we engaged stakeholders at every level. The outcome? A substantial 3% ppt EBITDA increase and a 2% ppt ROCE improvement over three years.

Enhancing Capex returns for a major telco operator

A telecommunications company wanted to maximize the returns on its 5G network and fiber investments. Hindered by a technology-led planning process with limited visibility for finance or management, its capital expenditure planning was disjointed, prolonged, and opaque, leading to subpar ROI.

Our solution? We designed a transparent capex framework and methodology, complemented by an AI-enabled platform for collaborative creation of optimized 5G and fiber rollout plans. We also facilitated interviews with business and technology leaders across the organization, ensuring a shared understanding of the company’s ambitions and the new technology. This resulted in a 10% ROI improvement.

Connecting the budget to strategy for a major developer

A developer was struggling with a convoluted planning and budgeting process. Misaligned numbers, lack of collaboration, and blurred responsibilities between finance, cost owners, and strategic initiative owners were holding back the company's progress.

Our tailored solution? We created a framework promoting collaborative budgeting and financial planning. This included designing digital templates, establishing a centralized model for the financial plan and budget, and connecting strategic and operational initiatives to the budget. This was all based on a supply-demand philosophy, enabling precise budget tracking and initiative linkage.

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