Middle East social impact

We believe in empowering our communities. We volunteer our time and skills to nurture NGOs and social enterprises that do so much for our people.

At Strategy&, we strive to create positive social impact.

Our teams rally together to make a difference, whether by joining community support activities or working in project-like settings to help address challenges organizations face.

Our social impact strategy focuses on four development goals:

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Some of our proudest project moments

Enabling quality education

Enable quality education
Nurturing people of determination

The Al-Kafaàt Foundation delivers free rehabilitation and quality education services to children and adults with special needs. Facing acute working capital imbalances and funding gaps, Al-Kafaàt needed a new fundraising strategy.

After a thorough assessment, we highlighted actions that Al-Kafaàt needed to fundraise in prioritized countries. We also identified potential philanthropic donor organizations in the GCC that were compatible with Al-Kafaàt’s mission and needs.

Extending healthcare and well-being

Extend healthcare and well-being
Recognizing eating disorders

The Middle East Eating Disorders Association (MEEDA) raises awareness about eating disorders. The organization also supports people faced with these disorders, guiding them toward a healthier lifestyle.

As it expanded its reach across the region, MEEDA came up against procedural, oversight, retention, and fundraising challenges. A Strategy& team worked closely with the board to design conducive operating and governance models, articulate a promising volunteer strategy, and introduce healthy financial and budgetary mechanisms.

Promoting economic growth

Promote economic growth and meaningful work
Empowering widows toward financial independence

Ashghalouna is a Beirut-based nonprofit organization that has empowered widows for more than 30 years. The organization realized that it needed to improve certain capabilities so that it could reach more people in need.

Together, we introduced ideas to grow the organization’s fundraising capabilities, improve operations, diversify promotional touchpoints, and enhance its overall financial sustainability.

Dignifying a struggling population

Beit el Baraka is a Lebanese organization that assists struggling, hard-working citizens with access to food, a decent livelihood, medical services, and education. Between the October Revolution and the August 2020 Port of Beirut explosion, people in need of the organization’s support rapidly multiplied.

To cater more efficiently to a growing audience, Beit el Barak called on Strategy& to design a governance model that enables growth, empower the organization’s mission, and strengthens its operational capabilities.

Safeguarding the environment

Safeguard the environment
Protecting the Saniq river basin

Lebanese NGO MONEERA won a grant from the European Commission to develop a model municipal solid waste management program to protect the country’s Sainiq river basin. Volunteers from the American University of Beirut and Strategy& came together to devise an approach to sort and collect waste. We also proposed a mobile app to facilitate and promote recycling.

Helping Greenish grow

Founded in 2017, Greenish is an Egyptian-based NGO that focuses on environmental awareness and education. Strategy& worked with Greenish to develop a three-year strategy that would enable the organization to scale faster and improve. By mid-2021, Greenish implemented more than 30 environmental clubs in schools and universities, created strategic partnerships, and built a network of thousands of volunteers.

Our mission—and our commitment—are clear. We are proud of the formidable group of men and women who contribute selflessly and passionately to better our communities.

“Taking on a project pro bono enables me to connect with my community and make an impact when it matters most.”

Elias – Al-Kafaàt project

“Given the heritage of Strategy& in the region, we feel it is important to give back to the community. Therefore, we engage in pro bono projects beyond our regular work— it is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.”

Timm – Beit el Baraka project


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