Middle East social impact

We believe in empowering our communities. We volunteer our time and skills to nurture NGOs and social enterprises that do so much for our people.

At Strategy&, we strive to create positive social impact.

Our teams rally together to make a difference, whether by joining community support activities or working in project-like settings to help address challenges organizations face.

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Some of our proudest project moments

Next-gen education excellence

Enable quality education
Securing an NGO’s future

Lebanese-based NGO Bedayati empowers marginalised youth with upskilling courses and employment opportunities. The founders needed to refine the nonprofit’s value proposition and strategy.

We assessed Bedayati’s current strategic approach, key initiatives, performance indicators, funding avenues and financials. We then explored partnership models and marketing channels at comparable organisations to identify best practices and gaps in Bedayati’s outreach. We also recommended initiatives, partners, and fundraising strategies to secure the nonprofit’s future.

Strengthening mentorship relationships

Project 1932 is a KSA-based initiative to support and cultivate young leaders by connecting them with experienced mentors. The founders needed to enhance the mentorship experience for mentors and mentees so the program could successfully scale in the future.

We conducted in-depth analysis and interviewed current and past Project 1932 participants to uncover best practices. We also developed guidebooks for future mentors and mentees to empower them with strategic ways to address organisational challenges.

Making coding more accessible

Codi is a Lebanese-based nonprofit that provides courses in computer coding and leadership for marginalised youth. To prepare students for the global tech workforce, Codi’s founders needed to redefine their operational approach and partnership strategies.

We assessed Codi’s current efforts and benchmarked its approach against comparable nonprofits. Our investigation identified new partnership opportunities for the nonprofit and helped it define a stronger value proposition for collaborators.

Health and wellbeing

Extend healthcare and well-being
Adjusting operations for a post-Covid world

The Dubai Centre for Special Needs (DCSN) offers academic, therapeutic and enrichment classes to support its students’ educational, physical and emotional needs. During Covid, DCSN faced potential setbacks that affected its funding and marketing, its positioning in the community and its ability to attract a diverse student mix.

We analysed DCSN’s key challenges and identified new avenues for funding. We also created action plans to diversify student engagement, and targeted marketing strategies to boost awareness of their services.

Helping patients navigate health care

Shamseya is an Egyptian nonprofit focused on advancing healthcare delivery. It provides patients with the knowledge and tools they need to confidently navigate the Egyptian healthcare system.

To help Shamseya grow one of its digital products, we conducted market and internal assessments. We identified scaling opportunities and created an implementation roadmap to address commercial, organisational and technical priorities for product growth.

Economic opportunities for everyone

Promote economic growth and meaningful work
Scaling operations to meet new demand

Beit el Baraka is a Lebanese organisation that assists struggling, hard-working citizens by giving them access to food, a decent livelihood, medical services and education. Between the October Revolution and the August 2020 Port of Beirut explosion, the number of people who need the organisation’s support rapidly multiplied.

Beit el Baraka needed to serve a growing audience more efficiently. We helped design a new governance model to enable growth and strengthen its operational capabilities. Now, Beit el Baraka is empowered to act on its mission.

Our planet for future generations

Safeguard the environment
Amplifying strategic impact

Faseel is a nonprofit dedicated to environmental sustainability in KSA. With more than 10,000 volunteers and still growing, the agency needed a strategy to optimise operations and unlock its full potential.

We examined the nonprofit’s current operational and financial models, then recommended best practices and strategic shifts to create the most impact. We used international benchmarks to develop a high-level communications strategy to maximise reach and impact. We also delivered a top-line estimation of operating costs to support Faseel’s strategic initiatives.

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Our mission—and our commitment—are clear. We are proud of the formidable group of men and women who contribute selflessly and passionately to better our communities.

“Volunteering with Project 1932 was a transformative journey, where our team contributed to empowering Saudi Arabia's next generation of leaders through a mentorship program. Overall, the experience was immensely gratifying, as it allowed us to make a significant contribution to the professional and personal growth of Saudi Arabia's upcoming leaders.” Nishant - Project 1932

“We are proud to be associated with Bedayati and are inspired by their unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable future for the youth of Lebanon.” Mohamed - Bedayati


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