Celebrating a decade of Strategy&

Join us in celebrating the tenth anniversary of Strategy& and over a century of industry-shaping heritage

Celebrating ten years of excellence

In 2024, we proudly mark a decade since Booz & Company joined the PwC network, forming Strategy&. However, our story extends far beyond this milestone. With a management consulting legacy spanning more than a hundred years, we have empowered businesses, driven growth, increased profitability, and achieved competitive advantage for our clients.

At Strategy&, our philosophy is 'strategy, made real'. We don't just envision the future; we actively shape it. By combining cutting-edge strategy consulting methods with PwC's global expertise, we offer visionary strategies that are as executable as they are transformative. With a team of over 3,000 strategy consultants worldwide and more than 1000 across the entire Middle East region, we have made a lasting impact across diverse sectors.

As we embark on the next decade, we remain committed to delivering sustained outcomes which make a difference, and to solving the issues that matter to our clients and the world.

Key milestones from Strategy&’s history

As we celebrate 10 years of the Strategy& brand, we are also celebrating the unique heritage that we are so proud of – a combination of legacies that date back more than a century. In this video, we invite you to explore the significant milestones that have defined our journey and shaped us into the organization we are today.

Global leaders reflect on Strategy&'s impact

From North America to Europe, Asia to Africa, our business leaders discuss how Strategy& is making a global impact and what it means to them. Watch this video to hear their vision for future opportunities.

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