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What did you do before Strategy&?

I studied chemical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology before moving to France to pursue my MBA at HEC Paris. Prior to joining Strategy&, I worked at a manufacturing conglomerate with cross-functional expertise in supply and trading, research and development, and operations planning.

How and why did you join Strategy&?

I joined Strategy& through the campus recruitment process. Before that, I had visited the Strategy& Middle East Dubai office as part of an MBA consulting trek in 2018. The welcoming culture at Strategy& stood out in my initial interaction with the firm.

What type of support are you getting from Strategy& teams and seniors to succeed in your career?

Although I just recently joined the firm, my sense is that everyone at Strategy& is generally very supportive — seniors as well as more junior people. My teammates have been a source of inspiration and have pushed me forward in my personal and professional growth. The mentoring program at Strategy& has been a huge help in my integration with the firm.

What keeps you driven at Strategy&?

Every day is a new day at Strategy& in terms of growth and learning opportunities.

Akanksha Asthana


What did you do before Strategy&?

I studied civil and environmental engineering at the American University of Beirut. After graduation, I pursued a master’s degree in concrete structures and business management at Imperial College London.
I then worked for three years as a structural engineer at Dar Al Handassah Shair and Partners, where I provided engineering services including design and modeling of towers, airports, and bridges for large developers in the MENA region.

What do you do at Strategy&?

I’m an associate based in Dubai, and over the past seven months I have worked on several interesting projects, including developing the strategy for a nature reserve and improving an airline’s budgeting process in the GCC.

Personal life and interests; what makes you unique?

To keep active, I like to ride horses and play tennis. Catching up with friends and family keeps me grounded. I also like to travel and discover new cities.

How are you balancing your career development with your personal life?

I try as much as possible to hold the line between work and personal life. During the week, I work hard to deliver high-quality work and meet deadlines so that I can enjoy my weekends.

What keeps you driven at Strategy&?

The diverse and exciting projects I can work on, the pleasant work environment, and my colleagues whom I now consider family.

Yara Achkouti


What you did before Strategy&

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, where I studied industrial engineering and spent six years working at a technology consulting company. Three years ago I moved to New York to pursue an MBA at Columbia Business School. After an amazing five-month break (and a really cool internship), I moved to Dubai and started at Strategy&.

How and why you came to Strategy&

Having spent six years in technology consulting, I wanted to transition to a broader type of consulting to work on solving other types of problems, which led me to management consulting. I landed an internship at Strategy& NYC and got a full-time offer from them.

In parallel, during my MBA I met someone — a Strategy&-sponsored student from the Middle East — who is now my fiancé. When things got a bit more serious between us, we discussed the idea of moving to Dubai together. Luckily, things worked out and I was able to transfer my offer from NYC to the Dubai office.

Personal life and interests

I’m passionate about social impact. Over the past eight years, I have volunteered and worked in multiple pro-bono consulting projects in Peru, Kenya and in The Philippines. I also have an entrepreneurial side: A few years ago, I co-founded a company to sell female apparel in Peru, which I sold before moving to New York. Currently, I’m starting a business with a friend back home that taps into sustainable fashion and the circular economy. Lastly, I am really into exercising — I find it the best way to keep my mind at ease. I have been boxing for the last five years and I also like running.

Arianna Espinosa

Senior Associate

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