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Meet some of our women

What do you do at Strategy&?

I am a senior associate based in the Beirut office. I am lucky enough to work on flagship programs that drive national agendas as well as economic growth, and that affect people’s lives.

My everyday work is split between team and client meetings. I also spend a significant amount of time coaching juniors and participating in office activities, such as the women & diversity initiative and recruiting.

What do you love most about working at Strategy& in the Middle East?

I like the variety of people at Strategy&, in terms of backgrounds and nationalities; the extremely talented colleagues I get to work with every day; the diversity of projects; and the family environment.

Personal life and interests; what makes you unique?

I am a tennis player. I played in Lebanese tournaments when I was younger. Today I spend my weekends playing tennis with my brothers and friends.

What is it like to be a woman at Strategy&?

Being a woman at Strategy& is very empowering. Several women-specific learning programs are offered for women (such as IAMRemarkable). Women are provided with many opportunities to work, develop, and flourish at Strategy&.

What is your word of advice to women looking to join Strategy& in the Middle East?

Don’t be afraid to speak up and express yourself.

Julie Soto

Senior Associate

What you did before Strategy&

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, where I studied industrial engineering and spent six years working at a technology consulting company. Three years ago I moved to New York to pursue an MBA at Columbia Business School. After an amazing five-month break (and a really cool internship), I moved to Dubai and started at Strategy&.

How and why you came to Strategy&

Having spent six years in technology consulting, I wanted to transition to a broader type of consulting to work on solving other types of problems, which led me to management consulting. I landed an internship at Strategy& NYC and got a full-time offer from them.

In parallel, during my MBA I met someone — a Strategy&-sponsored student from the Middle East — who is now my fiancé. When things got a bit more serious between us, we discussed the idea of moving to Dubai together. Luckily, things worked out and I was able to transfer my offer from NYC to the Dubai office.

Personal life and interests

I’m passionate about social impact. Over the past eight years, I have volunteered and worked in multiple pro-bono consulting projects in Peru, Kenya and in The Philippines. I also have an entrepreneurial side: A few years ago, I co-founded a company to sell female apparel in Peru, which I sold before moving to New York. Currently, I’m starting a business with a friend back home that taps into sustainable fashion and the circular economy. Lastly, I am really into exercising — I find it the best way to keep my mind at ease. I have been boxing for the last five years and I also like running.

Arianna Espinosa


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