Associate, Beirut


Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Communications Engineering at the American University of Beirut

Q: Why did you join Strategy&? What have you been up to lately?

A: While still in school, I had an internship as a software engineer with ETS Corporation in Virginia, in the U.S., and after that I decided to pursue a more stimulating and fast-paced career. So when I graduated in 2016, I joined Strategy& as an associate based out of the Beirut office.

Over the last two years, I have enjoyed the ever-changing nature of the consulting lifestyle, working in multiple sectors (TMTD, Consumer & Retail, and Health) and from multiple locations (Cairo, Manama, Dammam, Dubai, and Riyadh).  

Q: What are some of your personal interests?

A: I am very passionate about the environment and animal welfare. I actively promote environmental awareness among friends and colleagues, participate in environmental initiatives, and am volunteering with a prominent Lebanese NGO in this field.

I am also known among my friends as “the singer,” and I’ve actually performed at Strategy& staff events. In my free time, I enjoy travelling regularly, and I have travelled to 10 different cities recently, including Copenhagen, Zakynthos, Salalah, and Singapore.


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