Key trends

The roles and expectations of governments are evolving as their challenges increase in complexity, ‎cutting across multiple economic sectors as well as international borders. At Strategy&, we apply ‎proven methodologies and cutting-edge thought leadership to enable our public- sector clients to keep ‎pace with changing social priorities and economic realities. Since our first project in Saudi Arabia in ‎‎1975, in which we planned the development of the infrastructure, regulatory framework, and government ‎institutions necessary to operate two new industrial complexes, we have successfully implemented ‎hundreds of projects in the Middle East and Northern Africa regions. These projects have tackled such ‎issues as:

  • Economic and social planning
  • Trade strategy and facilitation
  • Government efficiency and fiscal reform
  • Public sector ICT (information and communications technology) and e-government.

How we help our clients

Strategy& combines international expertise and local knowledge to help public- sector clients ‎achieve important transformations. We apply our know-how, leadership, and expert functional ‎capabilities to offer clients customized, high-impact solutions. The firm’s consulting activities in the ‎public sector cover a broad range of topics:

  • Articulation of national socioeconomic development plans‎
  • Policy planning and social reforms in education, labor, health, and social welfare
  • Sector-level planning to improve the competitiveness of economic sectors‎
  • Development of action plans for World Trade Organization accession or negotiations
  • Development of special economic zones‎
  • Design of fiscal reforms, such as tax, customs, and subsidies reforms
  • Design of central and multitiered governance models‎
  • Design of public administration reform programs‎
  • Design of service delivery improvement programs and e-government‎
  • Streamlining of public administration processes and procedures‎
  • Design of performance monitoring and accountability enhancement programs
  • Deployment of public governance models and organizations‎
  • Implementation of policy-specific strategies‎
  • Management of e-government services rollout‎
  • Optimization of public procurement and other public shared- services operations

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