The trends shaping the UAE’s youth sector after the COVID-19 pandemic


Nearly half of the people in the United Arab Emirates today are between the ages of 15 and 35. These young people are living through a period of accelerated change driven by an increased focus on diversity, sustainability, technology, and the changing nature of work.

It is important to understand the trends that will shape the youth sector over the next decade, and to then tailor policy responses and create socioeconomic opportunities that can support UAE youth to thrive amidst the change.

So how can young people be empowered to lead into the future?

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Emirates youth council

Shaping a group that will shape a country

Strategy& partnered with the Emirates Youth Council to assess 10 trends that will influence the UAE youth sector and recommended a set of priorities for both young people and relevant entities to adopt.

The top 10 youth trends

The top 10 trends

The future is bright

These trends will bring about societal transformation and preparedness for a more enterprising and resilient workforce. Most important, these trends have the potential to bring out the best in UAE youth — a population that is committed, engaged, resilient, entrepreneurial, and more.

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