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Sustainability trends: How to make MENA cities more resilient

11.09.2021 | Gulf Business

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a severe test of the ability of countries and cities to withstand the unexpected, placing strain on economic, health, social, and urban infrastructures. Beyond the pandemic, natural and human-caused hazards have been increasing in frequency and scale, and that trend could continue, depending on climate-change mitigation efforts.

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Gulf states must get leisure, entertainment mix right

02.10.2019 | Gulf News

According to Strategy& Partners Fadi Adra and Yahya Anouti, GCC states are engaged in ambitious national transformation programmes that depend to a considerable extent upon people making different choices. Improving national health levels, to use just one example, involves people adopting healthier eating habits and leading more active lifestyles — an area where traditional policymaking methods like applying fines, incentives, or taxes are not always effective as standalone tools.

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Leisure and entertainment investment will boost GCC

02.10.2019 | MEED

Strategy& has called for GCC governments to improve the way theme parks are planned in the region, and to invest more in community facilities, visual arts and live entertainment. In a report on 2 October, the consultant says GCC governments are missing out on significant potential tourism revenues because of a mismatch between leisure and entertainment (L&E) investments and consumer demand.

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Dubai’s cultural visa promise is music to artists’ ears

02.10.2019 | MEED

On 2 October, Strategy& released a report calling for GCC governments to invest more in community facilities, visual arts and live entertainment. The report urged governments to make arts and culture offerings more available and publicise them better. Based on a survey of 1,200 consumers across the region and an assessment of current and planned leisure and entertainment (L&E) assets in the region, GCC consumers were found to be not sufficiently engaged in arts and culture.

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Tailoring L&E investments in GCC could generate $3.4bn annually

02.10.2019 | Travel & Tourism News Middle East

GCC countries are investing significantly to develop leisure and entertainment sectors to improve quality of life, celebrate national identities and diversify national economies. Bahjat El-Darwiche, partner with Strategy& Middle East, said: “L&E activities impact society’s well-being positively in a number of ways, through engaging nationally relevant culture and art activities, increasing citizen’s participation in recreational events and affirming belonging among diverse groups of people – which all leads to a higher quality of life. However, to get the most from their L&E initiatives, GCC governments have to prioritise investments to match the specific needs of the sector’s consumers.”

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