Strategy& and Endeavor joint events on scaling up MENA SMEs


Strategy& and Endeavor held joint events in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon to discuss the benefits and challenges of scaling up small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as part of their co-authored study entitled Scaling up MENA SMEs.

Strategy& had a prominent opportunity to showcase our Ideation Center thought leadership through a presentation delivered by Mahmoud Makki on the findings of the study, mainly the challenges involved in scaling up and what initiatives the governments are currently undertaking in this area. The presentation was very well received and generated positive feedback from the audience.

Both events hosted influential guests and speakers who took part in panel discussions to shed light on the challenges that exist, in addition to the support required for the entrepreneurial sphere to achieve further growth.

In Saudi Arabia, distinguished speakers were Abdul Aziz Al Omran, Chairman of Impact 46 and founding board member of Endeavor Saudi Arabia, Loai Naseem, Founder & CEO of Lomar, Abdulaziz AlJouf, Founder & CEO of Paytabs, and Noor Alabdulkarim, General Manager of Strategic Initiatives and partnerships at the Social Development Bank. 

In Beirut, Strategy& alumnus and Endeavor Chairman Fadi Majdalani welcomed guests and panelists including Elie Habib, Co-Founder of Anghami, Fadi Bizri, Partner at B&Y Venture Partners, Maroun Chammas, Chairman and CEO of Berytech and Yasmina El Khoury Raphael, Head of Business Environment and Innovation at the Lebanese Prime Minister’s office. 

The events saw the attendance of a number of representatives of the government, organizations active in supporting SMEs, and key players in the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem. These were great opportunities to showcase our thought leadership to a high-level audience, to strengthen our brand identity and to engage with key senior participants and clients.

To learn more about the Ideation Center report “Scaling up MENA SMEs: How a handful of firms can fast-forward economic growth”:

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