Business Operations Team Manager, Beirut


Master’s degree in Finance from Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon

Q: How long have you been with Strategy& and what benefits do you get from your current role?

A: I joined Strategy& in 2012 as a business operations manager and worked with different teams, and I am now head of the business operations team of 11 members. I enjoy my role because it combines working with numbers and people-related responsibilities. It gives me the chance to keep learning new skills and expand my knowledge, because I have to work with both client-facing teams and all the other departments within the firm. These include finance, risk and quality, legal, HR and marketing, as well as other territories within the network, which also gives me a holistic view of the business. 

I also enjoy working with my team, coaching them, and helping them grow and build their own career path. I must admit that this role never gets boring and there is a new challenge every single day. 

Q: What are some of your personal interests outside Strategy&?

A: I have many interests outside the office and I especially enjoy the kind of travelling that encompasses adventurous trips to discover new activities and meet new people. I also love exploring the natural beauty of Lebanon through jogging and hiking.

Following the adage that it’s never too late to learn something new, I began playing the violin around two years ago, and recently started dancing lessons, which help me disconnect. I have a deep passion for movies, which my friends and colleagues can attest to as I am always inviting people to catch the latest movie in town with me. However, my favorite form of relaxation is spending time with my friends and family, especially my two little nieces.


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