Senior Associate, Dubai


Master of Supply Chain Management and Logistics Engineering from MIT

Q: Why Strategy& /what benefits personal or professional do you get from being part of the firm?

A: When I was in school, I met a number of people from Strategy&. I was impressed and intrigued by their ability to think logically and synthesize complex problems. I chose Strategy& for that rigorous training. Ideas do not make it out of the conference room here unless they are very well thought through, regardless of the person’s grade, legacy, or tenure. As a bonus, I’ve found that getting intellectually challenged on a daily basis can become addictive really quickly!

Q: What do you do outside Strategy&/when you’re not working?

A:  Living in Dubai provides us with a modern sports infrastructure and unrestricted access to most major cities and tourist destinations around the world. I spend most of my weekends either working out at Al-Qudra cycling track, decompressing at Kite beach, or visiting friends and family around the world. When it gets too hot to be outside, I can always go skiing at the mall.


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