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Les acteurs du secteur font face à de nombreux défis : réformes de la santé, évolutions sociodémographiques, nouveaux équipements numériques. Les acteurs du secteur concourent à faire évolution le système principalement curatif à un système préventif.

Le panorama de la santé continue à se transformer sous de nombreux aspects. Avec des coûts en augmentation, des problématiques sur les niveaux de qualité, un accès aux soins inégal parmi les population, les acteurs du secteur sont obligés de revoir la manière dont ils peuvent au mieux servir les besoins tout en développant leur activité de manière rentable. 

Le paysage de laboratoires évolue rapidement et nous accompagnons les acteurs au travers de leurs opérations de fusions et cessions, qui visent à recomposer leurs portefeuilles et compétences pour renforcer leur avantage concurrentiel sur les marchés où ils ont le plus à apporter.


How we help clients

Capabilities-Driven Strategy + Growth

Our approach, built on distinctive capabilities, enables healthcare companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage. Our services include growth strategy, portfolio management, deals strategy, operating model, functional strategy, and capability  identification and building.

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As health plans, care delivery, and even administrative services are reoriented to focus on individuals and families, we help payors, hospitals and health systems, and life sciences companies build strategies that fully engage customers in an end-to-end experience.

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Deals strategy

Our proven industry expertise and functional experience mean you get trusted support during all phases of transaction processes. Our clients get acquisitions strategies, commercial due diligence, deal shaping, regulatory guidance, Day One preparation, and post-merger integration.

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Digital strategy

We help healthcare clients build their capabilities and operating models to take full advantage of digital technologies, keeping step with the "connected" customer through integrated electronic medical records systems and virtual care platforms, as well as attracting top talent.

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Technology strategy

We partner with health systems, payors, life sciences companies, public agencies, and NGOs to help them integrate and capitalize on critical technologies like the cloud and other specialized software options across business units, all while building trust with customers and aligning any transformation with organisational culture. We help enhance analytic capabilities, increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of products and services.

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"Safety net" hospital becomes a provider of choice

An urban hospital serving as a "safety net" for uninsured and underinsured populations was challenged to sustain its mission. We helped the organisation use the mission and its deep roots in the community to define a new strategy focused on access, experience, and empowerment of physicians and nurses. We helped the hospital change its footprint, develop new capabilities, and evolve its operating model. This transformation allowed the client to receive a Medicaid waiver for more than 100,000 patients, grow share across all patient segments, and improve margins.

Improving customer experience for a U.S. healthcare insurer

As part of a broader cultural and organisational transformation strategy, a U.S. healthcare company wanted to improve its customer experience. Using human-centred design, Strategy& focused on two member journeys: post-enrollment 90 days and care in time of need. We set out initiatives to fix pain points, used human-centred design to reimagine the experience, and then mapped out key initiatives and capabilities required over waves of releases. In response to our work, a senior marketing executive quickly saw the impact on his team: “Reimagining a more personalised approach where employees step up and say ‘I’ve got it’ is key to re-energising our culture and brand.”

Improving patient engagement for a pharma company

A top 5 pharmaceutical company wanted to improve patient engagement by designing, building, and launching a disease-agnostic patient engagement model that could be utilised across business units. Strategy& identified the key patient pain points, reviewed competitor programmes, and developed solution concepts. We then categorised the client’s patients into different personas and developed four solution concepts that serve as a curated, comprehensive engagement model for patients following diagnosis. This strengthened the client’s positioning in oncology, leveraged the client’s scale, and improved the scope of services provided to patients.

“Corporatising” a GCC country’s ministry of health

When a country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) wanted to “corporatise” its healthcare system, it engaged Strategy&. The government mandated that the ministry of health would only provide regulation going forward (rather than also pay for and deliver services), while corporations would provide the actual health services. In preparation of phase 1 of this large-scale transformation, Strategy& provided strategic planning, operating model design and launch support, which will run until 2030. With the support of Strategy&, four new healthcare corporations have already been established and are executing their strategic plans.


Philippe Loiselet

Philippe Loiselet

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