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Future-proofing asset management, capital markets, and beyond

Nous aidons les acteurs du secteur banque assurance à consolider leurs atouts et renforcer leur stabilité. 

Nous assistons nos clients sur le chemin de la cohérence, alignant leur stratégie, compétences fondamentales, et leur portefeuille de produits et de services. Nous accompagnons des acteurs locaux et globaux, à la fois dans la banque de détail, banque privée, et l’assurance pour n’en nommer que quelques uns. 

Notre accompagnement couvre également les opérations de fusions, acquisitions et cessions qui permettent aux acteurs de se recentrer, diversifier leurs marchés et les risques, et accélérer leur croissance dans les zones les plus porteuses.

How we help clients

Business strategy

From blockchain to cybersecurity, we help our clients think big — and deliver even bigger in the digital age. We’ll work alongside you as we develop corporate strategy, organic growth, portfolio strategy, pricing and profitability, shareholder value strategy, and strategic planning. This is how we turn vision into reality.

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Customer strategy

Exceed your customers' expectations and achieve lasting, profitable growth by leveraging our expertise in business, experience, and technology. Trust Strategy& to bring the know-how and scale you need to deliver results from the start. Our services include customer analysis, insights and segmentation, distribution channel strategy, product development  and pricing, marketing and brand effectiveness, or salesforce effectiveness.

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Deals strategy

Dreaming big is important – as long as those dreams are pulled down to earth. So when it comes to deals, we turn perspective into pragmatism and ambition into action. The result? Strategy that works in the real world for years to come. We help clients with acquisitions, diversitures, alliances, capital markets, private equity, and crisis and restructuring.

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Fit for Growth

Is your company ready to tackle its most intense challenges? Our Fit for Growth approach helps clients improve performance by cutting costs and growing stronger at the same time. It’s strategy, made real.

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Technology strategy

In a changing world, identifying and build winning capabilities in blockchain, cybersecurity, digital transformation, global risk, and more is how we help clients stay ahead of disruption and uncertainty. We deliver digital strategy and transformation, analytics and data management, Fit for Growth technology assessments, capabilities architecture, and technology operating models and organisation.

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Helping a digital bank with its SME banking proposition

When a digital bank had the opportunity to bid for £120m of funding to build out its SME customer proposition, the leadership engaged Strategy&. In six weeks, we helped identify and design a compelling proposition, service blueprint, and underlying business case for the £120m by forecasting costs and revenue in relation to its SME proposition. This work then informed the bank’s application for funding, and helped leadership address some of its previous assumptions and thoughts about the SME proposition. As a result, the bank asked Strategy& to support it in further developing its SME proposition.

Building a growth strategy for a U.S. bank

In the span of 12 weeks, Strategy& led one of America's multiline banks through developing a revamped corporate portfolio and line of business strategies. Existing business priorities included personal banking, wealth management, and corporate banking. Over the course of the engagement, Strategy& identified brand, market, cost, and revenue opportunities exceeding $100 million, effectively doubling the bank's profitability. Because of our 100+ years of strategy experience and highly skilled teams, we were able to build winning capabilities systems to maximise the bank's potential and outcomes.

Developing a sustainable product distribution strategy for a major Australian bank

Strategy& advised a major Australian bank that wanted to align various business units and distribution channels around customer needs and future high-value opportunities. After conducting interviews with internal stakeholders and external competitors to baseline current distribution capabilities, we assessed results to identify where the client had a 'right to win.' Surfacing 20 distribution opportunities (including new products, new platforms, optimisation of existing channels, and formation of distribution alliances), the bank prioritised the most promising ones and we developed a more sustainable distribution strategy. Acting upon the top-ranked options, the bank then began executing a plan for growing their market share.

Integrating teams for a German banking IT provider after a merger

Strategy& managed the post-merger integration of two banking IT providers with more than 5,500 employees. To ease the transition, we began working through a target organisation model and harmonising their banking-IT product offering. We also adjusted key management processes and integrated internal IT systems. As a result of these and other changes guided by Strategy&, the firm realised an annual savings of more than 20%.

Redefining a UK bank’s group central functions

A leading global bank headquartered in the UK brought in Strategy& to help redefine the role of group central functions. First, we began working with the client to develop their understanding of what type of corporate core they required (from highly involved management to remote portfolio management). From there, we presented two guiding principles: (1) Decisions are best taken close to the customer, and (2) The corporate core should primarily exercise governance and control responsibilities. Defining these priorities enabled the client to clarify controls exercised by the group centre. In so doing, the client eliminated duplications by devolving more than 75% of group personnel to the businesses. The outcome was better understanding across all teams of their own responsibilities and those of other business groups.

Integrating a European and Brazilian bank

Supporting the post-merger integration of a leading European bank and a large local retail bank in Brazil was a complicated, rewarding undertaking. The European bank enjoyed a strong, existing presence in Brazil. The local bank was of similar size and branch network. In merging, the banks were creating one of the largest local financial conglomerates with 12% market share and more than 2,100 branches across the country. However, the two banks had significant differences in corporate cultures, client perception, and brand recognition. Strategy& was responsible for conducting legal, accounting, strategy, and IT due diligence. We were also tasked with developing integration strategy and process as well as creating processes and tools for programme planning, coordination, and control. Additionally, Strategy& supported the wholesale banking and middle market segments in creating the baseline, strategy definition, integration planning, and execution.


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