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Mandate, business model, and strategy update

Mandate, business model, and strategy update

A national champion GCC developer that had recently expanded its mandate was seeking to redefine its role, business model, strategy, and operating model. Strategy& supported the client in all phases and provided a fully fledged transformation plan that would allow it to achieve its strategic evolution.

The team assessed the national agenda priorities and local real estate landscape and studied relevant benchmark national champions. A detailed baseline of capabilities highlighted the gaps between the current situation and the company’s aspirations. We defined the mandate, business model, and interaction framework, and articulated the company’s vision, mission, and success factors. We determined the strategic initiatives and regulatory amendments, and detailed the strategy across the four key real estate segments. We provided a 10-year financial plan, a description of the client’s impact on job creation and its GDP contribution across the country, then revised the existing portfolio in line with the new strategic direction.

Recommendations were approved by the board, and the client set about implementing them, following the transformation road map we provided.

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