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Strategy& provides acquisition, merger, and restructuring services to a multitude of public-sector and private-sector operating and investment companies. Since 2002, the firm has assisted in more than 600 acquisitions and restructurings globally. In the Middle East region, we have worked on some of the largest restructurings and acquisitions in a variety of sectors: petrochemicals, utilities, oil and gas, industrials, telecommunications, transportation, retail, media, and healthcare, among others.

Client engagements include investment opportunity assessment, acquisition due diligence, postmerger integration, portfolio restructuring, and pre-IPO strategy development. We apply rigorous analytical frameworks supported by the lessons of leading global companies. The robust solutions that result bring significant, sustainable changes in performance.

How we help our clients

Helping clients define an acquisition/merger approach that supports their corporate strategy, including defining the drivers and logic for the acquisition and screening potential targets.

Conducting detailed due diligence for buyers or sellers. This includes assessing the target company’s commercial potential given its competitive positioning; external challenges related to regulations, technology, the economy, and consumer behavior; and internal challenges related to management capabilities, organizational effectiveness, and financial resources.

Supporting organizations’ postmerger integration by developing a detailed integration plan (prior to the closing of the deal); defining integration risks; setting up a program management office; and managing the implementation, including market-facing, operational, organizational, and financial initiatives.

Supporting privatization of state-owned enterprises starting with the development of privatization strategy, strategic and business planning, program management, and post-privatization restructuring.

Assisting underperforming companies in improving performance through a review of market-facing, operational, organizational, and financial functions.

Assisting organizations that want to divest one of their businesses or restructure their portfolio on the basis of defined strategic drivers in making the decision and defining the approach (for example, IPO or trade sale?).

Developing the alliance and partnership strategy that best fits the corporate strategy and assisting companies in defining the optimal operating model for managing those alliances and partnerships.

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