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Ideas in action

Our ideas shape the future, inspire action and deliver change.

You never know exactly when the breakthrough moment – the transformational insight – will happen, but it often starts with challenging conventional assumptions and having an intelligent, thoughtful debate with colleagues and clients. From day one at Strategy&, you will be part of these conversations. Our culture encourages everyone to express their opinion.

At Strategy&, we create bespoke solutions based on the client’s unique situation and capabilities. Working as part of a team you will help frame a problem, identify solutions, then develop a plan to make the strategy real, and create sustainable value over time.

Over the years, this approach has led to the creation of many big ideas that have had a transformative impact on clients, and on the management consulting profession. Examples of this include masterminding the merger between the National and American Football Leagues, inventing the concept of “supply chain management”, and more recently, supporting the transformation of McGraw-Hill into S&P Global.

Our work in SEA

Read our ideas in action from the perspective of our team members

Transformation enabled by data & analytics

“Strategy& was engaged by a global pharmaceutical group to optimise its consumer healthcare business Route to Market across 7 APAC markets (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand and the Philippines).” Azra Azizi, Project Manager

“The client had multiple distribution partners, multi-layered distribution and lack of customer data. We developed a baseline of the client’s existing Route-to-Market. This involved analysing detailed revenue and cost data through use of advanced data analytics and visualisation tools. Our analysis enabled us to idealise opportunities for improvement.” Daniel Hoon, Associate and Indiana Jusi, Associate

“We quantified size of prize, and develop high level investment case & implementation roadmap to test with the seniors stakeholders – in the process, I flew to work in 3 different countries.” Jien Yue Choong, Senior Associate

“Across 7 markets we identified USD ~6 Mn in benefits including cost saving, incremental revenue and cost of capital avoided – I truly believe we are bringing value to the client, solving complex problems and positioning their business for success in APAC.” Rachel Armstrong, Senior Manager, Healthcare Expert

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Driving a nation-building digital agenda

“Strategy& was engaged by the national payments association of a Southeast Asian country to define the path forward for the development of its digital payments system.” Wendell Tan, Manager

We focused on building a solution tailored to the country’s diverse economic profile. To do this, we baselined the nations current digital payments systems – respecting the different challenges faced by user segments and their degree. We also considered learnings from 3 relevant global analogues through analysing their successes and failures.” Jien Yue Choong, Senior Associate, and Juliyan Somasundram, Associate

“We surveyed key industry stakeholders (banks, payment schemes, fintechs) – enriching our view on aspirations and key challenges of the nations digital payment system.” Michael Adrian, Manager

“We identified 5 key strategic initiatives for the development of the nation’s digital payments system - converging government and industry stakeholder views. Our insights were incorporated as part of the national digital payments agenda announced by the central bank Our work has set the foundations for greater financial inclusion and empowerment in the country.” Shirish Jain, Director, Payments Expert

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