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What kind of candidates are you looking for?

There is no one standard profile at Strategy& and we recruit from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are currently a student, we are looking for candidates with exceptional academic record from a leading undergraduate institution, business school, PhD programme, or other degree programme. If you are looking to join us as an experienced hire, we are looking for evidence of an exceptional professional record. Beyond that, candidates join us from a wide range of industry sectors and educational backgrounds.

There are lots of consulting firms out there. What is different about Strategy&?

Strategy& is the only at-scale strategy business within a global professional services network, such as PwC. We have a unique combination of deep strategy expertise and scale that creates exceptional opportunities for our teams. Many colleagues describe Strategy&’s team spirit and culture of professional development as unique and special.

Where does Strategy& have a presence?

Strategy& currently has 75 offices across most countries and regions around the globe, and we are opening more all the time. Check out the most up to date list at

What is the difference between Strategy& and PwC?

Strategy& is PwC’s global strategy business. Strategy& has a number of distinct characteristics including a unique career track, training curriculum, mentoring approach, and people processes. In a continuously growing number of projects, Strategy& works closely together with PwC colleagues, embedding our strategy capabilities with frontline teams across PwC. We are proud to be a part of the PwC network.  

How do I apply?

The first step is to decide which country you will be joining. Check out the local recruiting sites in your country and send your complete application. If successful, you will then be contacted to begin the interview process.

How quickly can I make it to partner?

You can achieve very rapid career progression at Strategy&. Typically, you’ll spend between two and three years at each level (Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, and Director) as you progress towards Partner. Depending on your personal performance you could be celebrating your election to the partnership in less than a decade after you join the firm. Some high performers do it even faster, but remember to enjoy the journey!

What kind of projects will I be working on?

There is such a variety of different projects – in terms of the problems we are asked to solve for our clients, the sectors we operate in, and the different regions. It is hard to talk about a “typical project”. What is certain is that you will work on a number of different engagements, exploring a range of business challenges, throughout the years - typically four to six per year. The initial focus is on building your consulting skills – and then at a later stage gaining industry and sector expertise. Every project will add to your knowledge and accelerate your development.

Do you sponsor MBAs?

Yes! After you have worked at Strategy& for a certain period of time, you can apply for full MBA sponsorship to a global top 10 MBA programme. For specific information on how this works in your country, reach out to your local recruiter.

What if I want to take a sabbatical at some point?

No problem. Strategy& has a number of flexible working arrangements including sabbaticals and leaves of absence to pursue a personal goal. We also have flexibility programmes that help parents and care-givers, and anyone else to find the balance they need to succeed both personally and professionally.  

I want to gain experience, but I don’t see myself spending my whole life in consulting. Is Strategy& right for me?

Strategy& is a great place to build the skills and experience you need to succeed, whatever you decide to do in the future – and it is sometimes hard to foresee at the beginning of your career exactly what opportunities will come along further down the line. What is clear is that you will have some outstanding options to choose from. Some decide to stay in consulting and become partners, others leave for leadership roles in industry, others become successful entrepreneurs. The possibilities are endless.

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