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Financial services strategy consulting services

Future-proofing asset management, capital markets, and beyond

Redefining your tomorrow by overcoming today's challenges

With digital entrants and emerging technologies, the financial services industry is facing an onslaught of new challenges and opportunities: Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Blockchain. Cybersecurity risks. Disruption from new fintech players and new deals. How do you find your strategic advantage?

As the only at-scale strategy business that’s part of a global professional services network, Strategy& advises leading financial services firms around the world. Working with clients to articulate a cohesive vision, we're experts in aligning strategy, capabilities, and products and services. Strategy& shows what’s possible and how to get there. This is strategy, made real.

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How we help clients

Business strategy

From blockchain to cybersecurity, we help our clients think big — and deliver even bigger in the digital age. We’ll work alongside you as we develop corporate strategy, organic growth, portfolio strategy, pricing and profitability, shareholder value strategy, and strategic planning. This is how we turn vision into reality.

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Customer strategy

Exceed your customers' expectations and achieve lasting, profitable growth by leveraging our expertise in business, experience, and technology. Trust Strategy& to bring the know-how and scale you need to deliver results from the start. Our services include customer analysis, insights and segmentation, distribution channel strategy, product development  and pricing, marketing and brand effectiveness, or salesforce effectiveness.

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Deals strategy

Dreaming big is important – as long as those dreams are pulled down to earth. So when it comes to deals, we turn perspective into pragmatism and ambition into action. The result? Strategy that works in the real world for years to come. We help clients with acquisitions, diversitures, alliances, capital markets, private equity, and crisis and restructuring.

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Fit for Growth

Is your company ready to tackle its most intense challenges? Our Fit for Growth approach helps clients improve performance by cutting costs and growing stronger at the same time. It’s strategy, made real.

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Technology strategy

In a changing world, identifying and build winning capabilities in blockchain, cybersecurity, digital transformation, global risk, and more is how we help clients stay ahead of disruption and uncertainty. We deliver digital strategy and transformation, analytics and data management, Fit for Growth technology assessments, capabilities architecture, and technology operating models and organisation.

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Bridging the gap for cross-border payments in Southeast Asia

A Southeast Asia based bankers association sought to establish the first real-time low-value cross-border proxy payments scheme in Southeast Asia. Strategy& had earlier also helped the Bankers Association define the case-for-change, including the business model as well as adoption levers, for accelerating the adoption of ePayments in the country. The payment scheme has seen one of the strongest and sustained adoption in the country. This time, Strategy& was engaged to assess the local payments landscape, ASEAN corridor profiles, go-to-market strategy, high level business solutions architecture; determine the ideal cross-border payments proposition including target segments, product features, and solutions architecture; articulate qualitative and quantitative benefits to the economy, banks, and citizens, and design the high level business and solutions architecture, including fee models and negotiation levers.

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Formulating a new ‘Asia Inc’ Regional Operating Model for Global Insurer

The APAC head of a global insurer wanted to create a country centric ‘franchise model’ to enable higher growth in local markets, greater coordination across territories, and larger technology investment funded by regional productivity improvements. Within fourteen weeks, Strategy& conducted a multi country ‘value cube’ analysis of all customer facing, operational and internal shared service functions augmented by ‘voice of the customer’ analysis. Proposed new ways of working were validated via extensive executive and operational socialisation to ensure business unit level acceptance. The resulting set of productivity improvements highlighted EUR 50 million in savings or re-investment opportunities enabling group level authority to move to the target operating model.

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Forecasting the future of capital markets

A Southeast Asian stock exchange engaged Strategy& to obtain the outlook of capital markets activity across 12 major Asian economies in 2030 to inform their future strategic direction. Through the engagement, we projected the absolute and relative size of 12 major Asian capital markets (incl. China, India, Southeast Asian countries), identified areas of greatest absolute and relative growth (by geography and asset class) as well as determined the markets and asset classes that can contribute to the country’s growth as a financial centre.  

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Leveling the playing field of cross-border trades for small medium enterprises (SMEs)

Strategy& was engaged by a Southeast Asian financial services sector regulator and information & communications regulator to perform a proof-of-concept for a B2B eCommerce hub-of-hubs (metahub). The metahub aims to help small and medium sized businesses reach major buyers from all over the world, by bringing them the most relevant digital services and at the lowest possible prices; Provide a channel for affordable digital services to economically reach small and medium sized businesses, by simplifying integration with B2B platforms and supporting data-backed product innovation. Currently, Strategy& is assisting in the commercialisation journey of this global platform – first plan to open public beta by end of 2020

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Realising productivity efficiencies for an Asian asset manager

An emerging market specialist asset management arm of global insurance major was on a transformation journey and engaged Strategy& to assist in realising productivity benefits. Over a 6-week engagement, we conducted a comparative analysis of non-investment management functions with industry peers and cross-sector exemplars, providing insights on the industry in 10 years. We helped them with a forecasted management cost structure. The engagement also proposed priority initiatives that could help unlock future efficiencies and enable them to optimise their cost structure.

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Reducing fragmentation by creating a greenfield national payments infrastructure

Two state owned agencies in an ASEAN country were given a national remit to reduce their cost of handling cash, these two organisations are estimated to process over 80% of the nation’s cash transactions by value. Strategy& was engaged by them to understand the challenge of sticky cash and associated solution components to reduce the usage of cash. We helped develop a holistic proposition to overcome the fragmentation of digital payments instruments in the country - Strategy& proposed to create a public platform that will act as an interface between disparate payments instruments and the national real-time payments scheme.

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