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Health and Healthcare strategy consulting services

Doing what’s right is the most powerful differentiator

Reimagining healthcare to deliver in an uncertain future

The healthcare industry has made major strides over the past several decades, significantly improving people’s quality of life and raising human life expectancy. But technological advances related to big data, artificial intelligence, virtual care, precision medicine, bring new challenges and opportunities.

Looking ahead, payors, health systems, life sciences companies, public agencies, and NGOs must figure out how to manage costs while continuing to provide top-quality, value-based care and innovation. As the only at-scale strategy business that’s part of a network with broad and deep capabilities expertise, we can show you a clear vision of what’s possible right from the start, as well as the choices you need to make to succeed.

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How we help clients

Capabilities-Driven Strategy + Growth

Our approach, built on distinctive capabilities, enables healthcare companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage. Our services include growth strategy, portfolio management, deals strategy, operating model, functional strategy, and capability  identification and building.

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As health plans, care delivery, and even administrative services are reoriented to focus on individuals and families, we help payors, hospitals and health systems, and life sciences companies build strategies that fully engage customers in an end-to-end experience.

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Deals strategy

Our proven industry expertise and functional experience mean you get trusted support during all phases of transaction processes. Our clients get acquisitions strategies, commercial due diligence, deal shaping, regulatory guidance, Day One preparation, and post-merger integration.

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Digital strategy

We help healthcare clients build their capabilities and operating models to take full advantage of digital technologies, keeping step with the "connected" customer through integrated electronic medical records systems and virtual care platforms, as well as attracting top talent.

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Technology strategy

We partner with health systems, payors, life sciences companies, public agencies, and NGOs to help them integrate and capitalize on critical technologies like the cloud and other specialized software options across business units, all while building trust with customers and aligning any transformation with organisational culture. We help enhance analytic capabilities, increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of products and services.

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A global pharmaceutical company optimises its Route-To-Market (RTM) strategy in APAC

A global pharmaceutical group sought to optimise its Route-to-Market (RTM) in APAC. Strategy& evaluated the client’s current model, gained visibility of client’s cost structure and identified initiatives to optimise costs and drive growth. Working closely with the regional and affiliate teams, Strategy& detailed and prioritised opportunities, assessed their feasibility and made recommendations on next steps. Opportunities were developed by applying the Strategy& Fit For Growth framework to systematically assess strategic and tactical optimisation levers including delayering and consolidation of distributor networks, optimisation of trade terms, restructuring of fixed and variable margin components, inventory optimisation and sales force effectiveness. We quantified the impact of the levers, the required investments and set out an implementation roadmap with functional leads. The client is actively pursuing the strategy across markets.

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A Southeast Asian government grows the scale and capabilities of the domestic pharmaceutical industry

A Southeast Asian government sought to grow the scale and capabilities of the domestic Pharma industry in order to address key challenges such as access to medicines amongst the population. They required a strategy which included operating model options and an assessment of value creation drivers and initiatives. We identified the challenges and objectives, developed Strategic Initiatives mapped against value drivers and value chain phases, and developed the future operating model to capture synergies, efficiencies and reduce duplication. The result is a clear strategy and plan to achieve significant value uplift in terms of revenue and margin over a 3-5 year time period

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A global diagnostics company re-evaluates its strategy in light of digital disruption across APAC

A leading global diagnostics company aimed to understand disruptive trends in the APAC healthcare and diagnostics market looking over the next 5-10 years, and how to capture new growth opportunities. Strategy& performed deep-dive analysis of market specific trends and assessed the likelihood of disruption through extensive interviews and desk research. We brought together digital innovators from across sectors to further explore how the APAC health environment will evolve over the coming years. We forecasted health system market development and implications for our client’s strategy. Furthermore we built a roadmap for establishing capabilities & piloting innovative business models. Our client accepted our recommendations on potential innovation pilots, refined its regional investment plans and is pursuing these innovations across prioritised markets and segments.

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A diagnostics company required a market entry strategy for Southeast Asia

A multi-national diagnostics company aimed to enter Southeast Asian markets, with an initial focus on the Philippines and Indonesia. They required a comprehensive assessment of the market dynamics and opportunities. Including analysis of public and private insurance trends, patient behaviours, healthcare infrastructure, economic factors, security, ease of doing business, laboratory market segmentation, competitor profiling, and forecast market size & growth rates per segment. Based on detailed data analysis and structured interviews with key stakeholders Strategy& provided detailed perspectives and insights on all factors, allowing the Client Board to reach an informed decision on market entry.

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A Southeast Asian private healthcare group sought to transform its services and expand its footprint

Strategy& was engaged to help a large Southeast Asian private healthcare group to develop a growth strategy that delivers cutting edge scientific and technological Innovation; social benefit and profitable growth. Based on in-depth data analysis and senior leadership workshops, we identified key growth drivers across customer segments, disease, treatment specialties, and business units. For each driver, we defined the value proposition, source of competitive advantage, business synergies and the alignment to current capability-systems. We defined the operating model across business units, decisions rights and functional accountabilities and set out the financial projections for the future business.

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A Southeast Asian public sector hospital group sought a blueprint for rapid development of COVID-19 facilities

Strategy& was asked to support a Southeast Asian public sector hospital group to rapidly develop a blueprint for COVID-19-ready treatment and testing facilities. We developed working groups across key areas including demand and procurement of critical equipment, medical and non-medical staff resource planning, and clinical and treatment protocols. We deployed a team to support project management coordination across workstreams and working groups. We leveraged a global network of operations and clinical experts to inform the blueprint development and to stay up to date despite the dynamic and shifting pandemic environment. The client was able to open COVID-19 treatment and testing facilities to provide urgent care for positive COVID-19 patients.

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