From uncertainty to opportunity

Solutions that deliver in an uncertain future

For chemical companies, today’s greatest challenges aren’t coming from commoditisation or competition. They’re stemming from a wildly unpredictable economic and geopolitical business environment with trade wars, perplexing regulatory policies, cybersecurity threats, demand shifts in huge markets like China, high prices of energy sources, increasing risks to global supply chains and the longer term impacts of sustainability trends and accelerating digitisation.

At Strategy&, we help clients forge a path that’s powerful enough to breakthrough in the face of unknown possibilities; a path that’s built on what you do best, so you control and define your future. We understand sector dynamics along the entire chemicals value chain. Because of this, our strategy is built to deliver from the start. Strategy& shows you what’s possible and what you need to do to succeed.

How we help clients

Business strategy

In evolving and increasingly competitive environment, we have the skills, technology and scale to deliver tailored solutions for business growth, portfolio optimization and capital allocation. We work with clients to create a vision for the future, set clear expectations and turn that vision into reality – delivering further growth and margin improvement.

Operations strategy

We have deep insight into the sustainable optimisation of each clients' cost base.  We use our broad capabilities in sourcing for direct and indirect materials, sales effectiveness optimisation, general and administrative expenses cost reduction (e.g., shared services, outsourcing), process and supply chain optimisation (e.g. logistics optimization, asset performance, production network redesign).

Organisational strategy

Our experts have proven expertise in developing and implementing organisational solutions. We support our clients in organisational and functional transformations. We also carry out organisational effectiveness assessments. Strategies created by us take into account both formal and informal aspects of the organisation, so that the change management process brings positive results right from the start.

Deals strategy

Our proven industry expertise and functional experience mean you get trusted support during all phases of M&A deal. Our clients get hands-on guidance during portfolio strategy and valuation, strategic target identification and assessment, acquisition strategy, synergy quantification, due diligence (including Commercial Due Diligence), transaction structuring, regulatory advisory, Day One preparation and post-merger integration.

ESG strategy

Growing societal expectations of decarbonisation and greater use of renewable energy are putting increasing pressure on chemical companies around the world. At Strategy&, we develop ESG strategies for our clients to help them move towards a more sustainable future. We also implement ESG elements in our client’s day-to-day operations and support them in non-financial reporting.

Preparation and implementation of investments and megaprojects

Whether you’re managing multiple projects as a core part of your business or you execute an investment only once in a decade and need a one-off capability boost, we can help. We’re known for our collaborative nature and willingness to challenge conventional thinking, strategically improving the outcomes for megaprojects and investments, which are delivered on-time, on budget, and with the highest quality.

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