Recruitment process

See what the recruitment process looks like.

The recruitment process will vary depending on where you are currently in your career.


The three-step internship process:

Game-based assessment

We use a modern and interactive portal of recruitment games to assess and hire talent. Once your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to an online recruitment game. It is a series of tasks aimed at assessing the skills we are looking for. The game takes no more than 15 minutes, and once you are done, you will receive a report on your competence.

English level test

Your game result is positive. Congratulations! You are ready to move on to your English test- a video recording with the use of the Hirevue software.

Meeting with the hiring manager

You have passed the previous two stages. It is time to meet the hiring manager. The interview will concern your current experiences as well as plans. The job interview is a two-way conversation - we are happy to address your questions and doubts.

Consultant / Senior Consultant

The recruitment process for the position of consultant and senior consultant is as follows:

Phone interview

Upon submitting your application, your resume will get reviewed. If you match the profile presented in the application, you will get contacted by our HR representative to briefly discuss some important issues. You will be asked about your reasons for changing jobs, the reasons for applying or your development plans.

Hiring manager interview

Once the phone interview is positively concluded, you will receive a call from a recruitment representative who will invite you to a meeting with management. These interviews conversations typically focus on your previous experience, acquired competences, completed projects, as well as your plans, aspirations and expectations. Part of the conversation is typically, but not necessarily, a business case to demonstrate your strategic and analytical thinking skills in a real business scenario. Remember, the job interview is a two-way conversation - we are happy to address your questions and doubts. The recruitment process typically consists of three meetings with management.