What is it like to work at Strategy&?

Strategy& is, simply put, a group of people who value their work, enjoy a dynamic life, and who derive satisfaction from working with others and solving complex business challenges together.

Meet Stanisław, Kamil, Grzegorz and Ewelina - What I do in my day-to-day work at Strategy&.

I feel good here. I learn a lot. What’s most important though is that I participate in really big projects, and even if I am assigned to doing some simple tasks, like working with data, I still know the bigger picture and how what I do impacts the whole. Every task makes sense!

Stanisław Kiryłło, Intern in the Strategy&
natalia krajewska

We foster real-time feedback within our team at each stage of the project. I have an impact on the choice of tasks and the area in which I want to grow. The people are listened to. I really appreciate a ‘good human’ approach to the team.

Kamil Majewski, Consultant in the Strategy&

If I was asked to describe relations within the team, I would say we are friends in the first place, and then colleagues. Apart from working together on one goal, we just have a lot of fun together. When you add to that the great projects we run and the comfortable working conditions, you gain an awesome place you just like to be in.

Ewelina Józefowicz, Manager in the Strategy&

It is not that regular 9-to-5, where you keep doing the same things day after day. We keep solving the client's interesting business problems – a sort of puzzle that requires work, take a whole team to, colloquially speaking, crack it.

Grzegorz Łaptaś, Operational leader in the Strategy&