Benchmark Your Supply Chain - Manufacturing Benchmarking Platform

Innovative tool to assess supply chain excellence

Risks associated with lack of reliable benchmarks in supply chain

Inaccurate objectives can lead to overload or failure to realize full potential of the organization

Ineffective budget inflating operational costs

Falling behind on market trends

Loss of competitive advantage in the supply chain

Lack of ability to identify real deviations from the optimum

Internal benchmark is a subject to the error of reference point relativity

Manufacturing Benchmarking Platform is a web-based application that provides a simple and transparent assessment of your supply chain excellence through the lens of 29 generally known KPIs in comparison to other players in the market.

What do we offer? Check out key benefits of Manufacturing Benchmarking Platform

Partner in success

  • Insightful industry comparison – a summary of 29 key indicators at the company, factory and production line level
  • Tailored strategy – achievable and balanced goals thanks to an accurate benchmark
  • Defined areas for improvement – identifying pain points in your supply chain

Perfect assistance

  • Accuracy with minimal effort – a high standard without requiring effort on your part, thanks to the simple and transparent design of the system
  • Support at every stage – comprehensive support throughout the entire process
  • Advanced knowledge at your fingertips – highest benchmark quality due to validation of all received data

Power of technology

  • Full market overview – complete and clear information about the relative position of your indicators against the market
  • Intuitive comparison – insight into key data indicators such as minimum, maximum, median or average value
  • Precise referencing – generate accurate benchmarks thanks to detailed description of production lines parameters

Data protection

  • Full anonymity of shared information
  • Low data sensitivity – data measured on the platform is not a subject to RODO
  • Reliable system security – highest standard of product security certified by PwC

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We are experienced in both planning and implementation of complex solutions constituting supply chain-related systems in various industries and sectors


We will analyze the existing processes and propose a solution tailored to the needs of your business

Time efficiency

We will help you plan and implement the expected solutions in the designated time



We will help you design and implement solutions that are transparent to all employees of your company

Discover why it's important to have benchmarks and how to implement them in your organization

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