Preparation and implementation of investments and megaprojects

Improve the outcomes

History is teeming with large, complex projects that are late and over budget, causing adverse economic and reputational impact to the stakeholders involved. Whether these projects are cutting-edge factories, new information systems or commercial nuclear power plant designs, all industries have them, and no industry is immune from undesirable outcomes. At Strategy& we work together with our clients to improve the outcomes of their development investments and megaprojects, ensuring that desired results are achieved. 

Strategy& works with all types of investment stakeholders, including corporate owners, engineering procurement and construction (EPC) firms, governments, and major suppliers. This improves the likelihood that project scope will be delivered on-time, on budget, and with high quality. We tailor our support to the particular needs of the client — whether it's an organization that manages multiple projects as a core part of its business and requires strong megaproject and development investment delivery as a source of competitive advantage, or an organization which only executes such project only once in a decade and needs a one-off capability boost.

How we can help you?

Feasibility study

  • assessment of the project’s viability, 
  • determination of optimal technology, configuration and scale of investment, 
  • economic and financial analyses, 
  • regulatory analysis

Market potential assessment

  • supply-demand analyses, 
  • market screening for potential suppliers, customers and investment partners, 
  • coordination of business and trade relations

Project structuring and business support

  • development of project structure, 
  • technology selection and negotiation of license agreements, 
  • support in contracting i.a. FEED and EPC, 
  • negotiation of trade agreements, 
  • preparation of hedging strategy and support in its implementation

Obtaining financing

  • Financing strategy:
    • analysis of potential financing sources, 
    • development of financing strategy, 
    • construction of a detailed financial model, 
    • project bankability analysis
  • Investor acquisition:
    • contacting investors and financial institutions, 
    • leading and coordinating negotiations of financing agreements

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