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The wave of auto innovation has taken off with remarkable speed: Electrification. Driver assistance systems. Automation. Artificial intelligence. Connectivity. And, of course, we’re seeing major progress toward bringing autonomous vehicles onto the road. But more noteworthy than the pace of this innovation is its breadth—and the opportunity it poses to some automakers.

As you look ahead to the future of mobility, we hope you are thinking big. We can help you deliver even bigger. At Strategy&, we use our strategy capabilities to transform perspective into pragmatism and ambition into action. The result? Strategy that works for years to come!

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How we help clients?

Customer strategy

As digitisation continues transforming all aspects of your business, understanding your customers—and exceeding their expectations with your core capabilities—is increasingly important. We help clients build distinctive value and sustainable growth through higher customer engagement and brand loyalty across all physical and digital touchpoints.

Deals strategy

We assist clients across the value chain of a merger process from strategy development, target identification, synergy assessments, and due-diligence to planning and executing the integration with experts in organisation management, change management, and strategic communications.

Digital strategy

We have the skills, technology, and scale to think and deliver big across your organisation—in digital innovation and product development, digital supply chain operations, digital marketing and sales, and workplace infrastructure.

Fit for Growth

Is your business ready to tackle its most intense challenges? Our Fit for Growth approach is a proven model for unlocking performance that helps companies manage their cost in a more strategic way, allowing them to cut costs and grow stronger at the same time.

Operations strategy

We apply lean principles, sourcing expertise, and transparency across the disciplines of manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and managing working capital to allow our clients to optimise their supply chain operations.

Product and innovation strategy

We advise automakers on how to strategically build more effective organisations and capabilities rooted in new programme and product line strategy, technology portfolio strategy, and engineering productivity. We work to drive actionable change from the start of our engagement, and deliver results that redefine your business for years to come.

Technology strategy

We work with clients on IT strategy, lean IT, next-generation technology, process transformation, and more. An IT organisation that can transform its operating model to act as both a cost centre and a strategic enabler will be poised to manage cyclical business demands.

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