The power of location Intelligence to deliver a new set of insights by location-related business analysis for data-driven decisions

Everything is linked to geographic space, therefore using location-based information and conducting spatial analysis brings additional and different perspectives and helps to build additional awareness and views to support data driven decision making processes.

Geospatial analysis focus on geographic oriented information - through applying set of specialized techniques (Geographic Information Systems) combined with geospatial data, it analyze spatial relations, interactions, reveling patterns between spatial objects. Thanks to geospatial analysis and Geoanalytics team clients can gain access to such type of insights (e.g. analyzing geographic market conditions), onboard geospatial capabilities on their premises (defining geospatial strategy, onboarding GIS technology) or understand complex data through rich visualization in dedicated mapping applications (e.g. BI Interactive Dashboards, Mapping Portals to for asset management).

How we help clients?

Competition & Cannibalization analysis

Analysis of competitors' and own locations geographic footprints to assess influence on the market shares and measure competitors intensity in proximities.

Services include:

  • providing location data related to competitor & own brands
  • catchments analytics - measuring competitors intensity withing drive-, walk time catchments
  • providing aggregated views on competitors & cannibalization intensities at regional levels (specific administrative units)

Whitespot analysis

Outside-in analysis to assess the potential for new locations openings within analyzed markets

Services include:

  • providing information about socio-demographic market conditions (population, purchasing power, spendings)
  • defining markets characteristics by analyzing additional location information – location of businesses, Point of Interests (POIS), infrastructure, environmental factors
  • estimating number of potential openings for specific scenarios

Network Optimization

Optimizing the locations footprint in order to serve addressable markets in most efficient ways, including identification of redundant locations to consider for closing or restructuring.

Services include:

  • network analysis to find the most optimal routes
  • applying advanced spatial interaction models to understand supply-demand flows and interactions

Visualization, Mapping and BI

Presenting complex data in the visually appealing ways that creates better experience and can be easily understandable for end-users. Custom data visualization ranging from static maps to advanced interactive dashboards and BI solutions.

Services include:

  • Preparing custom maps for presentations purposes
  • Building interactive mapping portals
  • Developing BI solutions, integrating multiple data sources, including location information (Tableau, PowerBI)

Drones and Remote Sensing Analytics

The Micromarket Monitor tool allows you to automatically track competitors’ movements and monitor the development of a given store format on a micro-scale. This enables the network expansion and marketing team to take tactical measures to increase their competitive advantage.

Details can be found here

Custom Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients

Services include:

  • customized approaches for site selection and location assessment
  • creating logical data models (UML format) and geospatial strategies for organizations
  • customized solutions to support logistics, operations and assets management e.g. analyzing movement of trucks from GPS pings, creating mapping tools to analyze existing assets and geographic market conditions
  • geotargeter -supporting marketing campaigns by profiling potential end-customer and revealing their geographic distribution

Retail Expander

Retail Expander is a proprietary solution for developing successful roll-out strategies for retail chains. It helps to identify the best new locations and their performance estimation based on PwC strategic retail insights combined with statistical methods and geospatial modelling.

Services Include:

  • building predictive statistical models based on external factors (geospatial data) and internal client data to explain store revenues for any location
  • detailed analysis of location characteristics and geographic markets conditions by bringing granular geospatial data

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