Building technology solutions to deliver goals and strategy in an unknown future

Enabling disruption

The rapid and sophisticated evolution of software and cloud-based platforms has transformed products and services in nearly every industry. As innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things become a part of people’s everyday lives, new challenges and questions arise for the tech companies building solutions. Who is responsible for educating consumers and building trust? How does vision become reality?

At Strategy&, we believe that dreaming big is important — as long as those dreams are pulled down to earth. We assist tech clients by embedding our strategy capabilities with frontline teams across PwC to transform perspective into pragmatism and ambition into action. The result? Strategy that enables disruption and works in the real world for years to come.

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How we help clients?

Business strategy

We bring the strategic capabilities and global scale to help our clients understand and pursue the most relevant opportunities and markets created by new technologies such as AI, blockchain, virtual reality, IoT, and cloud computing. Together, we can help you build a focused portfolio of companies, technologies, and capabilities system to achieve a lasting competitive advantage in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Deals strategy

Our proven industry expertise and functional experience mean you get trusted support during all phases of deal making. Our clients get hands-on guidance during portfolio strategy and valuation; strategic target, partner, and buyer identification and assessment; strategic, commercial, and operating model due diligence (buy and sell side); and deal value realisation for M&A, divestitures, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships.

Operations strategy

We have deep insight into the sustainable optimisation of each clients' cost base. We use this to links strategy with broader capabilities in sourcing for direct and indirect materials, sales-force effectiveness optimisation, general and administrative expenses cost reduction (e.g., shared services, outsourcing, offshoring), and supply chain optimisation (e.g., operating asset effectiveness, transportation network redesign, logistics optimisation).

Organisation strategy

Our experts know how to realign organisational priorities, uncover strategic M&A openings, improved operational efficiency and competitiveness through post-merger integration, and use objective-driven change initiatives to steer transformation.

Technology strategy

We partner with with our clients to integrate and capitalize on critical technologies like the cloud and other specialized software options across business units, all while building trust with customers and aligning any transformation with organisational culture. We help enhance analytical capabilities, increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of products and services.

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