Financial strategy

To ensure the longevity and competitiveness of your organization, a comprehensive financial strategy aligned with your business ambitions is essential. Lacking a clear view on how to procure, manage and utilize funds often means struggling to fulfil present and future requirements of your organization and its stakeholders.

We are there to help you identify the best course of action to support your business strategy and its funding requirements. Our international network of Strategy& experts have supported leading private and public organizations around the world in defining resilient financial strategies tailored to their context. We support our clients in strengthening their existing financial structure and exploring different financing alternatives helping them get a grip on their cost structure, manage funding and liquidity, mitigate risks and build a financial safety net.

Our Strategy& Luxembourg support on your finance position takes a variety of forms, covering:

  • Capital Structure Strategy
  • Dividend Strategy
  • Capital Budgeting Strategy
  • Working Capital Strategies
  • Green Financing Strategy

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Andrew McDowell

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Matt Moran

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