Ideas in action

Our ideas shape the future, inspire action and deliver change.

You never know exactly when the breakthrough moment – the transformational insight – will happen, but it often starts with challenging conventional assumptions and having an intelligent, thoughtful debate with colleagues and clients. From day one at Strategy&, you will be part of these conversations. Our culture encourages everyone to express their opinion.

At Strategy&, we create bespoke solutions based on the client’s unique situation and capabilities. Working as part of a team you will help frame a problem, identify solutions, then develop a plan to make the strategy real, and create sustainable value over time.

Over the years, this approach has led to the creation of many big ideas that have had a transformative impact on clients, and on the management consulting profession. Examples of this include masterminding the merger between the National and American Football Leagues, inventing the concept of “supply chain management”, and more recently, supporting the transformation of McGraw-Hill into S&P Global.


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