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Portfolio and M&A strategy solutions

“True advantage comes from having a steady stream of offerings that only distinctive capabilities can deliver.”

The problem: Having a product and service portfolio that is not set up for success

A company’s products and services are its most visible activities, to its customers and the outside world. However, too few companies create a product and service portfolio that truly aligns with their strategy. Instead, most companies compose portfolios based on short-term financial performance and shoehorn a strategy to fit around that portfolio.

Mergers and acquisitions are a powerful way to modify a company’s portfolio. But too many companies do deals to become bigger, rather than focusing on becoming better.

Having a product and service portfolio that is not set up for success

Our solution: Determine the optimal portfolio and deals based on fit with your differentiating capabilities

Companies should manage their portfolio in a way that allows them to become more coherent. This may entail divesting profitable products and services that don’t fit a certain capabilities system and finding ways to better integrate those that do fit. By applying the same capabilities across an entire portfolio, companies get better at the few things that matter most and can give their smaller businesses, which would otherwise not warrant the build-up of such distinctive capabilities, a great competitive advantage. Success comes from building relevant scale behind a differentiating capabilities system.

At Strategy&, we have found strong evidence that capabilities-driven deals — those that leverage the buyer’s key capabilities onto new products or help it acquire new capabilities that round off its capabilities system — produce significantly better results, on average, than deals with limited capabilities fit. The pay-off of a capabilities-driven view on portfolio and M&A; strategy is immediately visible.

Companies that follow this capabilities-driven approach to portfolio and M&A; strategy become better every day at what matters most to their customers. They grow bigger and more coherent and can invest their higher returns in further building out their competitive advantage. They become what we call supercompetitors, dominating the part of the market they have chosen to focus on and becoming almost unstoppable.

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