Outstanding opportunities to grow professionally

From the day you join Strategy&, you will work on the most challenging strategic problems, have real impact at clients, and be mentored by global professionals at the top of their game.

Strategy&’s unique combination of strategic expertise and scale provides outstanding opportunities for rapid professional growth.

We recruit talented individuals from leading undergraduate institutions, business schools, degree programmes, as well as experts directly from the industry.

When you join Strategy&, you join a global team with a proud heritage of pioneering ideas and thought leadership. Our culture will encourage you to speak up and challenge conventional thinking, and our environment will offer you structured mentorship tailored to your professional development. You’ll become part of a community of exceptional professionals and learn and grow with people dedicated to helping you succeed.

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Learn and grow with us

In addition to learning on the job, you’ll get comprehensive international training which will help you develop key strategy consulting skills and set you up for success. We offer a wide range of trainings, held in multicultural classes. You could be enrolled in the Milestones Courses that are essential courses supporting you throughout your career, from Associate to Director. 

You will have the opportunity to follow Core Craft Skills and Capability/Platform Courses which are focused respectively on soft and technical/vertical skills and competences, leveraging Strategy& platforms and expertise. The Learning Path is also a great opportunity to get to know your peers and the wider team, and build relationships from the start.

Mentorship and community

Active mentorship is a core part of our culture at Strategy& and our team and leaders take a very active role in helping you grow personally and professionally.

From the very first day, you’ll be assigned to a more senior colleague called Mentor, who will support you in building your network, finding the right staffing opportunity and exploring your potential.

Additionally, the Mentor represents a fundamental stakeholder in your career assessment, advising you on all sorts of topics related to your development and performance.

Career path
Career path

Your career trajectory

You can expect a structured career path and rapid career progression. Typically, you’ll spend 2-3 years at each level (Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, and Director) as you progress towards Partner.

At the same time, there’s no one pre-defined path that everyone has to follow. You can apply for full MBA sponsorship to a global top 10 MBA programme, or take a leave of absence at any stage to pursue a personal goal. We also have flexibility programmes for anyone who requires a more flexible approach to balancing the needs of work and home, including parents and care-givers.

Career path at Strategy&

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