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In today’s direct-to-consumer landscape, change is accelerating with new disruptions like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies on the horizon. But one thing remains the same: your most valuable customers are still your active, loyal, and passionate fans.

At Strategy&, we help clients build a fan-centric approach that delivers on what’s possible right from the start. With 100+ years of successful execution across 158 different countries, we can walk the talk for you, knowing what works and what doesn’t. When you work with the world’s only at-scale strategy business, backed by a global professional services network, we bring the results to redesign your future.

How we help clients

Business strategy

In the rapidly transforming world of digital entertainment and media, we bring coherent solutions to deliver results even in an uncertain future. We can help with growth strategies, changing content models, international distribution and monetisation, acquisition planning and due diligence, and more.

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Customer strategy

As user experience and digitisation takes centre stage for entertainment and media companies, we help clients build distinctive value, brand loyalty, and sustainable growth by putting customers first. Our services include sales strategy; customer/category segmentation; sales effectiveness; sales force design and incentives; cross-platform sales, pricing, and yield management; and acquisition and retention strategies.

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Operations strategy

We drive success with a holistic evaluation of your operation, helping clients with performance improvement, restructuring, and effectiveness; shared services; sales and operations planning; supply chain restructuring, sourcing, and acquisition; and integration support. Together, we can turn what’s possible into a reality.

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Organisation strategy

We have the skills, technology, and scale to think and deliver big across your organisation and deliver results to redefine your future — offering expertise in organisational design and implementation, culture and talent management, productivity improvement, programme management, and process redesign.

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Technology strategy

Technology can be just as much a connector as it is a disruptor; you just have to be on the right side of strategy. That’s where we come in. We help clients with outsourcing and offshoring; lean IT; technology organisational design; and new technology evaluation, applications, and CRM.

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Selected Case studies

Optimising advertising for a global media company

A major news and media company wanted to evaluate its digital advertising operations and improve the overall performance of ads across platforms. Strategy& conducted a rapid diagnostic of the digital sales ops function (including people, processes, and tech) to develop a baseline assessment of the end-to-end order-to-cash process to understand if it is operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness. As a result of our work, we identified the major root causes behind emerging issues and challenges as well as a list of measures that the company should consider to improve performance.

Exploring virtual reality in sports

A Fortune 100 multinational technology company wanted to harness the momentum of a 3D video acquisition to explore opportunities in immersive sports experiences and quantify value created by participating in highly active space of VR, AR, and broadcast enhancement for sports content. Strategy& was hired to provide strategic insights on sports league and media stakeholders as well as to evaluate the existing sports market and the potential value created by immersive sports video offerings. We developed a partnership and prioritisation strategy, created a product roadmap and consumer use cases, built a sports market sizing model, provided value creation scenarios with year-on-year revenue estimates, determined monetisation strategy, and assessed competitive threats. As a result, we created consensus around product offerings and expected time to achieve substantial revenue; assigned potential value created by the immersive sports video offering; established a partnership, monetisation, and business model strategy for the near and long term; acknowledged both the potential and limitations associated with expanded markets (e.g. global and non-major league sports).

Publishing firm accelerates its print to digital migration

A large publishing firm needed to restructure its business and accelerate it pace of product development. Strategy& helped the client tap into new growth opportunities by building new innovation capabilities. We enabled a separation from a parent company, minimising the impact to overall business; strengthened the client’s business by sharpening the focus on specific growth markets, customer segments, and products; identified new digital capabilities to build in product development and go-to market functions; and adjusted the cost structure by optimising and outsourcing non-core back-office functions (such as finance, HR, and IT).

Major news organisation transforms operating model

A major news group wanted to redefine its strategy and prioritise growth opportunities. Strategy& conducted best practice visits, performed a baseline of the news group’s operations, analysed financial implications, identified and prioritised opportunities, and then identified change management and governance implications. As a result of our work, we built a strategy and future operating model for the news organisation.

Information services provider assesses acquisition targets

A large information services provider wanted to determine which one of four acquisitions to pursue in the marketing services space. Strategy& conducted a strategic target assessment and prioritisation of the potential acquisition targets in the following three key dimensions: market attractiveness, strategic outlook at a high level (e.g., competitive advantage, key sources of threats, gaps and challenges, anticipated priorities), and target’s fit with parent company’s six stated strategic objectives.

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