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Customers expect to go places and receive things faster than ever before, posing real challenges for companies in the world of transport. Automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other emerging technologies are changing the flow of people, goods, and services across aviation, rail transport, shipping and logistics, travel and tourism, and more.

Since our first rail assignment for the Illinois State Railroad in 1914, Strategy& has proven to be a leading partner for companies in the transportation sector. We know strategy must be executable—defined by clear choices and a strong vision for the future—all from step one.

How we help clients

Business strategy

We help our clients react to the evolving transport and logistics environment: the rise of e-commerce, increased connectivity, flexible and visible transportation networks, trade risk and volatility, and increasing customer expectations. Our unwavering commitment to getting it right means working alongside you to envision your future, set clear expectations, and turn vision into reality.

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Customer Strategy

As digitisation continues transforming all aspects of your business, understanding your customers—and exceeding their expectations with your core capabilities—is increasingly important. We help clients build distinctive value and sustainable growth through higher customer engagement and brand loyalty across all physical and digital touchpoints.

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Operations strategy

We have deep insight into the sustainable optimisation of each clients' cost base. We use this to links strategy with broader capabilities in sourcing for direct and indirect materials, sales-force effectiveness optimisation, general and administrative expenses cost reduction (e.g., shared services, outsourcing, offshoring), and supply chain optimisation (e.g., operating asset effectiveness, transportation network redesign, logistics optimisation).

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Product and service innovation

We advise companies on how to strategically build more effective organisations and capabilities rooted in new programme and product line strategy, technology portfolio strategy, engineering productivity, and more.

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Technology strategy

We partner with transportation companies to integrate and capitalize on critical technologies like the cloud and other specialized software options across business units, all while building trust with customers and aligning any transformation with organisational culture. We help enhance analytic capabilities, increase operational excellence through updated systems and architecture, and improve the delivery of products and services.

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Selected Case Studies

Developing e-commerce strategy for Asian logistics company

Based on the explosive growth in retail e-commerce in the US, an Asian logistics company was interested in investing in the US e-commerce fulfillment and reverse logistics market. Strategy& was engaged to develop a comprehensive industry assessment and outlined the key success factors and capabilities required for the client to develop a differentiated offering in the market. After identifying potential new products/service offerings, describing operating model and market risks, and outlining the competitive dynamics, Strategy& made a detailed recommendation on how and when the client should approach entering the market to maximise the potential return for its shareholders.

Building digital strategy for international ground-based carrier

Given the rise of several new, nimble competitors and the growing promise of emerging technologies, an integrated carrier with a long history of market leadership wanted to proactively develop a long-term digital strategy to preempt potential disruption. Strategy& was engaged to synthesise a cohesive five-year strategy to enable the client to leverage technology to expand its markets, lower its cost base and improve service levels. We worked with the client to catalogue its existing initiatives as well as supplement the strategy based on identified gaps and white space opportunities. The recommended strategy was heavily supported with quantitative analysis around opportunity sizing, up-front and ongoing cost estimates and consequent NPV and TSR metrics. Strategy& then worked with the client to develop an execution roadmap and internal communications strategy to ensure the initiative would be properly understood and receive required buy-in from key executives and board members.

Assessing innovation capabilities for U.K. rail industry

A central railway agency in Great Britain wanted to support the rail industry to realise its strategic and technical vision. Strategy& was engaged to develop and pilot a cloud-based self-assessment tool that would allow companies to measure their innovation capability levels. We created detailed charts to define innovation capability across six key themes: competitive environment, strategic alignment, internal innovation activities, external innovation activities, organisation, and culture. After piloting the assessment tool with three companies, we developed a separate dynamics assessment survey, targeted at industry bodies. As a result of our work, we empowered the rail industry and individual companies in Great Britain to improve their innovation support and capabilities, and inform future strategic decision making by implementing a shared and rigorous innovation assessment approach.

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