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The rapidly changing Global and Local tax landscape brings opportunities for Corporations (e.g Italian tax incentives brought by the EU Recovery Funds initiatives) but inherent potential risks are shifting the focus of senior management onto how tax is managed in their business and how the tax strategy aligns with the business strategy and operating models of their organisations.

Tax authorities, while adapting to a more competitive contest of local and global Fiscal Policies, increasingly expect organisations to be able to confirm that tax risks are appropriately addressed and managed in a way that facilitates real time compliance and data oriented auditing. This is combined with the continued demand for increased transparency from a wide range of stakeholders.

We help our Clients to take advantage of expansionary fiscal policies and boost business opportunities and economic results, while at the same time addressing inherent tax risks (understanding compliance requirements, design and implement process and controls through an extensive use of technology and digital platforms, evaluate appropriate filing processes).

We can work with you to:

  • Assess through a feasibility process potential business opportunities coming from new fiscal policies

  • Design new business and operating models that are sustainable and in line with the tax strategy (by Identifying and manage the risks and challenges arising from change)

  • Develop and implement a detailed roadmap for business transformation

  • Support on the roll-out and on management of the transformation projects

  • Monitoring business targets and potential risks

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes and controls

  • Undertake detailed risk management reviews

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