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The A&D sector is at a crossroads. As international trade agreements continue to change, geopolitical power shifts and new entrants spread their wings, leading companies must focus on innovation as part of a coherent capabilities-driven strategy.

To keep pace with the industry’s rapid transformation, traditional slow-walking R&D efforts must be revised. Cybersecurity, integrated circuits, drones, small electric airplanes and augmented reality will require new ways of working, including venture capital–style investments in startups. It’s critical to make the right R&D decisions now.

How we help clients

Business strategy

Players around the world are expanding their role in the A&D sector as they constantly adapt to evolving market conditions. With unmatched industry experience, we help unlock our clients’ growth potential by developing integrated, capabilities-driven strategies.

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Deals strategy

We assist clients across the value chain of a merger process from strategy development, target assessment, synergy quantification, and due-diligence to planning and executing the integration with experts in organisation management, change management, and strategic communications.

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Technology strategy

We help clients integrate IT with business strategy, solving challenges from the start and creating new growth opportunities for the future. Service offerings include capabilities architecture, digital strategy and transformation, a technology-targeted Fit for Growth approach, and analytics and data management.

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Operations strategy

We help clients optimise operations by focusing on differentiated capabilities for continuous and sustained innovation in manufacturing, supply chain, capital assets, general and administrative operations, enterprise-wide operational excellence, digital operations, and customer operations.

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Organisation strategy

Our experts know how to realign organisational priorities, uncover strategic M&A openings, improved operational efficiency and competitiveness through post-merger integration, and use objective-driven change initiatives to steer transformation.

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Whether you’re building aircraft, a submarine, or something even bigger, we're known for our collaborative nature and willingness to challenge conventional thinking. We help strategically improve outcomes for megaprojects being delivered safely, on-time, on budget, and with the highest quality.

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Product and service innovation

We advise clients on how to strategically build more effective organisations and capabilities rooted in new programme and product line strategy, technology and innovation portfolio strategy, engineering productivity, and more.

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Selected Case Studies

Transformation of a Leading European Aerospace and Defence Programme

Strategy& worked with a leading supranational agency in assessing the post-production strategy of a leading European Aerospace and Defence Programme. The Programme was moving into the post-production phase thus a change in the existing capabilities set and supply chain and support focus was required. Strategy& analysed programme strategic vision and intents and evaluated best practices of leading aerospace and defense programmes. Finally we defined and evaluated options and scenarios for the future programme set-up and identified a target scenario.  As a result of our work, the client started a transformation programme based on a set of recommendations related to programme construct, governance and collaboration modes.

Creation of the national ecosystem and strategic roadmap for urban & advanced air mobility

Strategy& worked with a leading aerospace and defence player to accelerate the development of a national industrial ecosystem able to identify and grab opportunities within the urban and advanced air mobility market worldwide and to compete with industry main players at international level. We assessed and deciphered the market into main applications and benchmarked international advanced air mobility ecosystem lessons learned and best practices on topics such as public acceptance, technology, financing, infrastructure and planning, etc. Strategy& defined a national roadmap including maturity and key milestones, business cases (e.g. addressable market, business model, etc.), implementation (e.g. governance model, roles & responsibilities) linking applications to maturity stage and roadmap steps.

Unmanned systems strategy for a Leading European Aerospace and Defence Programme

Strategy& worked with a leading aerospace and defense player to develop the positioning on the unmanned system landscape in the international market. We conducted a top down and bottom up market analysis for air, land and sea unmanned applications and analysed strategy, positioning and financials of main competitors in the unmanned systems industry.Finally we developed a strategic path and implementation plan to further expand positioning in the unmanned system landscape.

U.S. defence market growth for a communications company

We helped a global commercial wireless and broadband network company develop a U.S. government communications market growth strategy. After segmenting the market between base and tactical clients, we assessed the current Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defence demand for highly mobile voice-based applications and wireless broadband solutions. Through interviews, research, and quantitative analysis, we identified emerging market trends, assisted the client in defining its position for emerging growth opportunities, and helped align its product and technology portfolio with immediate market needs.

Driving post-merger cost savings

Strategy& worked as part of a A&D joint venture in developing financial consolidation strategies, enabling cost reduction designated by the U.S. government. We identified financial and operational options, tactical restructuring trade-offs, and opportunities for building momentum across the client enterprise to close a successful implementation. Strategy& continued to lead the client's executive team through a transformation road map that has identified nearly $1 billion in potential savings.

Assessing market entry for a government agency

Strategy& worked with a government agency in assessing potential entry strategies to the international defence market. The client was looking to expand its aerospace and technology industrial bases. The project team, all experts in international defence policy, quickly segmented and sized the market. They identified relevant areas of entry for the client while completing a value chain analysis. Strategy& segmented international participation for military sea, air, and land platforms in addition to addressing the increasingly global nature of commercial aerospace programmes. As a result of our work, the client was able to understand the defence regulatory environment and identify key avenues for penetration and growth.

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