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A world of risks and challenges, from disruption to globalisation. A new economy, defined by technology and fluidity. All these changes are affecting how clients choose to play in the value chain and how they can position themselves for real competitive advantage. It may mean rethinking your corporate core and functions, or adopting new business models altogether.

With codified strategic planning tools and methodologies, we help clients improve performance from the start and position themselves for success. Working together, we focus on differentiating capabilities, cut costs to reinvest in growth, take advantage of digitisation, and open the door for M&A opportunities.

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Selected Case Studies

"Safety net" hospital becomes a provider of choice

An urban hospital serving as a "safety net" for uninsured and underinsured was challenged to sustain its mission. We helped the organisation use the mission and its deep roots in the community to define a new strategy focused on access, experience, and empowerment of physicians and nurses. We helped the hospital change its footprint, develop new capabilities, and evolve its operating model. This transformation allowed the client to receive a Medicaid waiver for more than 100,000 patients, grow share across all patient segments, and improve margins.

Truck manufacturer assesses Chinese joint venture

After seeing major success in the U.S. and European markets, a leading truck OEM wanted to assess the potential growth of markets in Asia and engaged a large Chinese truck manufacturer for potential joint-venture discussions. We provided project management across regions and functions, and successfully helped the client form an integrated global strategy by making recommendations about how to maximise synergies of the potential joint venture.

Beverage manufacturer improves premium market position

A U.S. alcohol beverage company in the United States wanted to improve its relatively weak position in the premium space of the market. To analyse the actual growth potential, we segmented key portfolio priorities and gaps. We then identified the client’s right-to-win capabilities, evaluated their fit with the current position, and defined a new operating model to ensure that acquired capabilities would be integrated with the core business for scalable value.

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