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Lucia Colombo



Manager, Italy

Lucia is a Manager based in the Milan office. She has a Master of Science in energy engineering from Politecnico di Milano and was sponsored by Strategy& for an MBA at SDA Bocconi, with an exchange program at Chicago Booth (USA).

She joined the Firm in 2012 as an Associate just after graduation, and has been growing within the Energy team, with focus on Oil & Gas. Over the past 8 years, she worked extensively on international assignments across EU, USA, Kazakhstan and North Africa.

Lucia is very passionate about cooking, traveling and spending time surrounded by nature, and especially by the mountains.

What is the most stimulating part of the job in Strategy&?

Every project is a new challenge. This has always pushed me to deal with new situations and problems, new clients and their own way of working. Being able to adapt quickly to the new contexts and getting up to speed with the new contents and issues is incredibly stimulating and enriching both as a professional and as a human living in an ever-changing world.

What key capabilities do you think your job in consulting has helped to developed?

My natural attention to details and vertical thinking has been further boosted by my technical studies in engineering. Working in Strategy& has helped me to shape my horizontal thinking, i.e. the ability to build the “big picture” to ensure a comprehensive understanding of problems and situations. This is helping in my current Manager role, where I am continuously asked to solve problems with a combined approach of horizontal thinking and selected vertical deep-dives.

What do you like the most of your job in Strategy&?

I have always been passionate about traveling and exploring new ways of thinking. Strategy& has been offering me the opportunity to work on several assignments across the globe. International assignments are always unique: working from our office facing a stunning ocean in Boston or from an oil production facility in the middle of the Kazakh steppe are experiences that will remain engraved in my memory forever.

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