eReadiness Study 2022

Customer needs and recommended actions for OEMs

The third edition of this study aims at providing an updated perspective on the short-term development of the e-mobility business in seven major European markets


  • Over the last few years, OEMs made significant investments for the electrification of vehicles, which are not yet converted into relevant revenue streams despite the share growth registered in the first half of 2022.
  • OEMs continued their investment in e-mobility throughout COVID-19 outbreak and more recently are facing the challenges induced by the Russia-Ukraine war and by the supply chains tensions heavily impacting their operations.
  • To cope with these challenges, OEMs and the whole automotive downstream value chain need to get OEMs need to re define their market approach to maximize the return on investments.

What’s new in this edition

  • This edition of the study saw the introduction of the eReadiness Index, in which PwC Strategy& provides an assessment of the level of maturity of the EV markets of the countries in scope through four main dimensions: government incentives, infrastructure, supply and demand.
  • The number of countries in scope was extended to include the United Kingdom as part of the assessment survey, which now includes 7 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and, from this year, the United Kingdom.
  • This year, the study introduced a deep-dive on private charging solutions (wall-box) as well as assessment of the importance of the car’s residual value for customers.

Overall EV interest is high, with 55% of surveyed consumers declaring their intention to buy an EV in the next 2 years. Consumers’ profile is evolving, suggesting EV is approaching a mass market stage.

Norway is the most eReady country, followed by Switzerland, while other countries lag behind. Lack of public charging infrastructure is the key reason for the limited adoption of EVs in countries such as Italy and Spain.

Customer satisfaction with current sales experience continues its decline, requiring OEMs to re-think the customer journey and design a compelling EV-specific experience.

Used EV market is still limited but shows promising growth - it represents a key focus area for OEMs in the coming years as they will need to define EV-specific pre-owned programs.

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