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Meet our team: Scipione

Scipione Della Chiesa



Senior Associate, Italy

Scipione is a Senior Associate based in Milan. He completed his education with the MSc in Business & Economics of Bocconi University in Milan. He also attended two Erasmus programmes in Universitè Catholique de Louvain, Belgium and in Sciences Po, Paris.

Scipione joined Strategy& in 2017 as an Associate and has been involved in projects with respect to Business planning, M&A and Commercial due diligence mainly for the financial services sector. Scipione is passionate of several sports, practicing skiing in the Italian Alps as soon as his travel schedule slows down and plays as a striker within the Strategy& soccer team.

Can you describe your first couple of years within Strategy&?

During my first two years within the firm, I explored topics in a variety of industries that were outside the sphere of competences acquired during my studies. As a junior team member, you are encouraged to voice your opinions, ask questions, and suggest solutions: everyone is expected to actively contribute to the overall success of the project. Strategy& also provides flexibility to pursue personal interests, this allowed me to travel a lot on the week-ends and to take a few hours off during the week to play soccer and tennis with my friends and colleagues.

How does a Senior Associate make an impact inside and outside Strategy&?

Within the role, you work on each project with one or maximum two younger resources. Guiding their efforts, directing their talents, and expanding their knowledge and skills to deliver strategic and sustainable solutions: this is the best way to enlarge your managerial competences by contributing to junior talents flourishing.

Looking form an outside perspective, as a Senior Associate you work closely with C-levels to understand their issues, create strategies for growth and to transform their potential into future economic performance. The exposure we get from the first day of a project enables us to accelerate exponentially our professional development.

What do you like the most about Strategy&?

The best part of working in Strategy& is the people you work with. Apart from being my colleagues, mentors and role models, they are very good friends in which I can count for every kind of advice. We are like a small family inside a broad network of colleagues from PwC, and we can profit from the advantages of being a strategy boutique with larger shoulders.

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