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Camilla Testori



Associate, Italy

Camilla is an Associate, based in the Milan Office. She pursued the Global Master’s in Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science with CEMS double degree. During the summer between the two years of her Master’s, she completed an internship at Strategy& Milan and came back as an Associate upon completion of her studies in September 2019.
Camilla is passionate about traveling and the opportunity it brings to discover new places and cultures. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle through a combination of physical activity and commitment to sustainability.

What attracted you to strategy consulting?

The main driver that brought me to pursue a career in strategy consulting, and which continues to fuel my interest in the field, is the exponential learning opportunity. Working in consulting allows you to explore different industries and practices and gain a holistic understanding of their dynamics and business implications. Further, collaborating alongside more experienced consultants and industry leaders provides invaluable insights on how to best tackle and resolve problems.

What was your experience during your internship at Strategy&?

What I appreciated the most about my internship experience was undoubtedly the fact that I joined a project team from day one. Beyond clearly strengthening my analytical and communication skills, being accountable for small project portions enhanced my confidence to take responsibility with a reliable attitude. In 10-weeks’ time, I had the chance to fully grasp the value of on-the-job learning, and the importance that Strategy& places on even the most junior team member’s contribution.

What do you value the most about Strategy&?

Working in consulting pushes individuals beyond their comfort zone, especially during early career stages. Strategy& is characterized by a supportive and inclusive culture which is crucial in developing the necessary skills to succeed. Seniors invest substantial time and effort in younger resources’ growth, and regular training sessions ensure continuous development. Indeed, at Strategy& I found a challenging while collaborative environment which actively supports both my personal and professional growth.

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