Sustainable finance

Knowledgeable stakeholders and influencers for a Just Transition increasingly call on financial institutions to make the most of  their role in the transition to a ‘new’ (i.e. climate-neutral, green, circular, inclusive and competitive) economy. There is a growing awareness that sustainability can also be profitable in a strictly commercial sense. The scope, impact and compelling nature, and the speed with which changes are being implemented, make sustainability a strategic priority. 

For financial institutions, an initial focal point tends to include the way in which to distinguish from their peers. Is compliance with legislation good enough when it comes to sustainability, or is the ultimate goal that investment choices lead to positive changes in society?

For those aiming to secure project finance for projects in support of a new economy, it is not a small feat to develop bankable, scalable and outcomes-based projects in the current finance ecosystem.

Issues you may be facing

There are several key drivers for responding to this imperative:

  • The need for funding of aspects including energy (Just Energy Transition Pathways; Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuel Sources Development; Demand side management (DSM) and Energy Efficiency) and Transportation (Climate change response norms and standards; Green roads and rail; Green transport technologies).
  • The drive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

 By responding to this, your organisation could:

  • support project finance for smart, future fit urban and rural areas;
  • design innovative means to make use of domestic sources of climate finance, including green bonds, subnational climate funds and cities’ participatory budgets; and
  • support in the design of programmes to track and evaluate the actual impact of project interventions.

How we can help you

Strategy and Transformation

  • Facilitating access to finance
  • TFCD response advisory
  • Environmental and social risk in the lending portfolio – identifying and managing capital dependencies
  • Circular economy advisory

Reporting and Assurance

  • Impact valuation